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Gunes=genius March 28th, 2019 01:45

The Return of the King...
Well, Senol Gunes anyway!

I think he deserves his second chance. Also seems to have called up a number of young players into the squad, though still having Gonul in the side v Albania a bit questionable.

Should get 2nd in the group as France are World Champions- and given top 2 go through automatically (I think) he will have redeemed himself somewhat. His football albeit only v Moldova at home, looked positive- some good counterattacking play in Albania too. Playing a 4-3-3 over there a decent indicator IMO, though of course still much to do isn't there. Still, absolutely deserves his 2nd chance.

kırmızımavi March 31st, 2019 07:07

good to see Burak / Cenk up top together & some attacking football.

two difficult games coming up in June. We'll know more about the current level of this squad after these big tests. I'm not expecting anything. Finishing 2nd ahead of Iceland is going to be hard.

Genco2 April 4th, 2019 08:54

@Gunes=genius did u srsly come back to the forum to post after 13 years bc senol is appointed as the nt coach again

mucho hespec amigo

kırmızımavi June 8th, 2019 21:58

3 wins 3 klin shits :clap:

Zico 10 June 9th, 2019 11:22

What a win.

Not the first time Turkey beats a top opponent, but the first time it was done with such a dominant performance. Could have been 5 or 6.

Osman June 9th, 2019 11:30

Saw Only higglights due Demiral, but super impressive win. Didnt look like fluke underdog thing either, just taking it to them hard.

Finaslan June 11th, 2019 20:36

Didn't see the game vs. Francr, but right now Turkey is down 2-1 against Iceland after the 1st half is over and playing some of the worst football I've seen this team play.

Each and everyone of these players are crap, especially Ozan Tufan.

Osman June 12th, 2019 05:34

Lol, its kinda typical, giant killing couple days ago, awful display vs little Iceland immediately after. I know a few people who are pissed because they were Turkey draw or win from big betting sum :D

Zico 10 June 12th, 2019 12:40

It’s a team built for counterattacking, and it’s a group of young Turks.

Throw them against Iceland, a team who probably averages about 30% possession, wants nothing to do with the ball, and is ready to provoke the Turks.

Recipe for disaster, and very predictably so.

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