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dream story

Posted September 1st, 2012 at 23:23 by

I met her at the beach. She had long, dark hair that reached all the way down to her shoulders, and lovely olive skin, and when I first saw her, she was standing all by herself, alone in the sand dunes.

It was a peculiar thing as I hadn't made any plans to come here in the first place. Actually, now that I thought about it, I'd made no plans at all, had no intentions of doing anything, it was a purely aimless jaunt, in my mind I sensed no reason to be doing this, not for the sake of any physical benefit, I just found myself in the act of walking for its own sake.

Eventually I found myself standing outside one of our town's beach side entrances. The entrance in this case was recognizable by the row of prominent green hedges, trimmed neatly and lined one after the other. In between the hedges lay a winding path, and beyond that was the beach itself.

She appeared before me very suddenly. She began talking to me, quite mischievously, declaring to me a challenge, although the details and instructions of it seemed quite strange to me. She challenged me to a swimming race, and whoever reached the other side of the beach first, would be declared the winner. Despite the fact that I couldn't swim, I harbored no misgivings towards her proposal, and accepted it wholeheartedly.

On this day the conditions had been extremely hot, the sun shining to its fullest and baring its fullest glare down on those of us below, as well as bathing the surrounding environs with an illustrious tinge of gold. Usually I couldn't stand such conditions as this but as I'd been walking through town just prior, I'd felt oddly indifferent towards the heat that had come bearing down so overwhelmingly upon us.

The woman I met seemed more prepared than I was. Standing on the shore, waves crashing against her legs, she looked great in her black one-piece swimsuit. I don't even know about my swimming attire, ultimately, despite my indifference towards the heat, I still felt an eagerness to plunge into the depths and feel that cool sensation.

As I had noted, I didn't know how to swim, yet despite this, upon entering the surfy waters alongside her, we immediately set about on our race, yelling and screaming and thrashing our arms about so energetically, indeed it hardly felt like a race, she was ahead of me, hardly a surprise given my lack of experience in this regard, but it hardly mattered to me, I was living such a joyful moment.

In time we arrived on the other side of the shore, collapsed over on to our backs, exhausted yet exhilarated, jubilant and laughing to ourselves like maniacs.

I glanced across to her. For some reason it never struck me as odd that I had run into this complete stranger on the beach and upon which we'd thus embarked upon this wild escapade. Seeing her now, laying beside me now, her dark hair draped so beautifully against her neck... impulsively, I leaned across, and kissed her neck. She did not reject my approach.
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