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My Crazzy Poems.

Posted July 30th, 2011 at 13:37 by
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Fall of Pride

Was there a great Drain, little Drain
When came rain, powerful Rain.
The Drain would rise and surround us.

What a fright it gave to us,
Even the cat forget to fuss.
Once we feared its pace so much!
Like lion roars, It roared
It came in speed of boar,
Oh! I still remember the roar.

Many had been preyed by it,
I lost my tennis balls, again in it,
Which distured the cricket, we loved most
We feared it more than a chick going to roast.

We fall there, we got wet.
Accopamy of Cunning steps,
Whose nature was cunning,
We tried to walk throught it,
Just to get our feet tumble and fall on the cruel bed of Drain.

Both were our proud foes,
So proud that fate got angry,
Send our eccentric landlord to punish the vain duos.

Our Landlord, ambitious
Build a big house over the Drain.
Broke the steps, oh it hurt them!
Sigh! Vanish was there terror regime,
We saw them get lost and extinct.
Lost was there mighty pride,
They had there roller coaster ride,
Now their sin left them no place to hide,

Did you saw the fall of pride.
Yes, there we staged the Fall of Pride

You guys must have seen now,
Pride kills yourself how.
So friends never try to be vain,
Or else you will end up like drain.

Never be proud like my Drain
Never be proud like my Steps
Never be creul like them.

Cause, thy are made human
Human are ought to be humble
Or else you too may tumble
Into the horrible fire of vain
And just vanish like the Proud Duos
Remember the Dous when you feel like Vain
And know the punishment you will get
And know the punishment you will get
And remember the story I narrated.
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