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as a player what are your pros and cons

try to be honest and objective
well i didn't play much football, only one season before i gave it up when i saw that wasn't for me

pluses were
well i had a good pass, nothing spectacular but i rarely made bad passes
i could control the ball, nothing spectacular, but at least i knew the basics like stopping the ball which is more than you could say for half of the current hajduk split side

bad sides however are much greater in number
i was lazy, didn't like training too much i especially hated those fitness trainings every tuesday, didn't have a lot of fitness, lack of speed, useless at shooting except on rare occasions, didn't like defending too much or marking players(which is a bad thing if you play left full back ) hotheaded and shortempered like every true dalmatian

there i tried to be objective

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Proud Juventino.
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good thread.

my pros are simply speed and good positioning, as a striker i tend to run often a lot.

cons, lack of technical skills, i'm the trez/rvn kind of guy, though my speed grants me some skills

need also to develop on my left foot, 1 foot isnt enough.

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For me i would say:

Crossing, Pace, Skill

Heading, Short Passes, Tackling
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Good hold up play, finishing, positioning.


Lack of skills, poor left foot, lack of confidence when things go badly.
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I am tall so I was naturally good at headers and corners etc.. Have a good hard shot but not needed much as a sweeper.

Not the fastest person in the world, only good with one foot and at times there were plays where it would of been much easier to use the other foot.
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Quick on the ground as im a striker, Good with the head, good technical skills


Not very fit, need to work on left foot and tackling
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Well I'm a centre back/occassional sweeper.

Pros: Tactical. I'm good a reader of the game and have good positional skills which is important when you play "last man". As such it's usually up to me to organise the back 4, call them out etc. and I think I do that pretty well too. I'm also a tough tackler.

Average: Heading, pace, strength.

Weaknesses: Technical ability. I have a poor first touch and am a poor passer. I don't give it away in stupid areas often because I'm aware of my limitations but I very often end up playing aimless long balls up to the strikers when there is an easier pass on short.


Champions of England, 1994/95
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Pros: PACE, Anticipation, Tackling, Organisation of teammatesm, leadership,

Reasonable: Heading, Strength, Passing, Stamina

Cons: Really poor on my left foot and i just can't be motivated to practise on it too much. Not too good at scoring and shooting either.

Originally Posted by JAMAICA (Croatia fan)
Australia is funniest team ever. we will rock you 6:0, Brazil maybe 10:0.

Not some funny team like Australia. i hope so that football world will waiting another 40years to see again that joke of national team on this big competition.
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As a striker:

Pros: Pace, Anticipation/Timing of runs, positioning, penalty taking

My finishing is fine, and I usually have a good scoring, but there are some shots I have missed that make me want to work on it more.

My heading is reasonable, though I'm better at things like redirecting crosses and flicking it on with my head than I am at going up and challenging for the ball

Cons: Strength/Jumping- I'm not as good in the air, I usually work best with a stronger target man to knock balls into my path. I have a pretty poor left foot as well. I really use the momentum from my runs to line up any left footed shots I have, as the ones I would set up from a slow or stopped position are pretty week (ie, its harder for me to turn and shoot with the left than it is for me to run onto a ball and hit it with my left). Also, my aim isn't that great with the left. Sometimes I'm not as confident as I could be.


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Right midfield/ winger

Pros: Pace, good crosser, good long range shot and good finishing, decent passing and decent techique.

Cons: Bad Stamina, which affects my game a lot in every aspect, when I run out of breath I screw up a lot of stuff that I could usually do without any problems, bad left foot, lack confidence when dribbling and bad decision making at times (mostly when I'm tired, which is often ).
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Pros: Pace, strength, dribbling, tackling, passing, crossing

Cons: Finishing , aerial control, concentration
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Pros: My best weapon is my speed. Second is airial power, I'm 15 years and 182 cm. My shot is pretty good, it's hard, but I miss the goal sometimes.

Cons: Tracking back.. well, I'm lazy. My technique can be a bit struggling sometimes. And the worst thing is my finishing.. I'm even worse than Giuly. .

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i like to play as a second striker or anywhere on the left, left wing or left back

pros: tactically/positioning im great on defense, good tackler, very good passer, powerful shot, im a very good dribbler coming down the left wing and im very creative, i have very good ball control, im very quick

cons: im right footed naturally but am not very comfortable on the right side of midfield or defense (go figure lol), my shot lacks accuracy, very bad at heading the ball, even though im better on the left side my left foot isnt as good as my right and i need to improve it, badd stamina
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I play futsal only, I played 11 a side until 6 months ago, before I decided it wasn't for me, I hate when you can't control the ball properly because of the pitch condition, and that's normal in Croatia.

In futsal I prefer to dictate the play from the back, or the left

Pros: Extremely fast with the ball (over 5-10m), good shot, flair, good at going past players, fine technique and long range passing. Left foot almost as good as my right.

I'm horribly, horribly awful at heading the ball. My height (166cm) doesn't get me in many situations where i get to the header, but when I do, I'll probably squander it. I lack physical strength, and while I make up for it most of the time with my speed, I still avoid shielding the ball and backing against players, always preferring to turn and face the opposition.

My physique only comes in the game when I'm facing older opposition, so that's alright and I imagine it will be sorted with time.

I prefer to stay back and wait for balls rather that run into channels, but when I play the game to my strengths I always create trouble when going forward.
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cons - fitness, speed, aggresssion
pros - shooting, finishing, passing, tackling, skill

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pros:My pace could do 100m in about 11 flat , dribbling I would go past any player in front of me till i got fouled , Technique wise I could bring the ball out the air and control it with ease.

Cons:was Shooting absolute shite the only way I could score would be to go round the keepr. Passing it was good but I just wouldnt pass it , showboating would do few tricks for the sake of it. Temper , rash challenges Id argue with linesman refs etc

Recuring Knee and calf injuries and the need to get pissed at the weekends meant I packed it in

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Pros--- Strong tackle, Good Heading of the ball, Hard Shot

Cons--- Not much Speed or fitness lol, not much accuracy on my shots
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Excellent ball control, Great on-ball pace, tackling, Getting my team back in the game physically and mentally, Great passing (lead my team in assist almost every year although im a striker)

Cons: I cant do laps, My snap shots are not that strong on both feet

"I'm a winner and when you wear the Arsenal jersey you have that in your blood. You have to enjoy the moment'' - Thierry Henry. 06/04/2006

"Sometimes there is nothing better in life than being a Gooner." - Kevin Campbell

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Pro's: pace, strength on the ball, finishing, vision, when I get fired up I destroy teams

Con's: when I play a great ball I tend to stand and observe, some games I'm just not interested, having played centre back then right wing then striker I guess I don't have an out and out position, I can't goal poach and my heading is diabolical (even at centre back I never headed the ball)
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pros:assing,crossing, ghoing past ppl, shooting from range and man-marking
cons: fouling others,poor finishing and a bad header of the ball!

:"Yurtta barış, dünyada barış"
A famous quotation and motto of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk:
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