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Originally Posted by Minotti View Post
Thanks Stephan. Much helpful. As for my budget. Well considering that this is my first attempt to build a computer I'm aiming for something between 800-1000 euro. In case I mess up .

I want to build a good gaming computer
Forget the desktops sold by Dell and other manufacturers man..

I can help you out. Here in the states, Newegg is generally the way to go. There are a few others, but none have the wide selection that they do. Do you know of any popular online retailers in Europe that will ship parts to where you live?

What I would go for in that price range:

-Intel Core i5 3570k (ivy bridge)
-A solid z77-based motherboard by a good manufacturer (Asus, MSi, Gigabyte, Asrock....Biostar makes great value boards too but their features can be skimp)
-8 gb of RAM (2x4gb kit) anything more than this is overkill usually and kits of this type can be obtained relatively cheaply, again good manufacturers (corsair, gskill, crucial, kingston, mushkin)
-for video card you can go a bunch of different ways depending on how much you want to spend: there's the nvidia gtx 560 Ti that is still good and can be had for $100-$150 less than the newer nvidia gtx 6xx and radeon 7xxx series, there's nvidia gtx 670 that's a bit pricier, but also very powerful, and then there's the radeon hd 7950 that is just below the 670 in price and performance
-i would get a 64gb-128gb SSD Sata III boot drive from a quality manufacturer again (my picks would be either the crucial m4, samsung 830, or intel 330/520, i don't trust ocz as a company tbh, kingston hyperX series is also good too though)
-then get a 1tb+ storage drive for all your files, a mechanical one. in terms of reliability, i think western digital > seagate, but you can make your choice, the problem with mechanical drives nowadays is their price, they've gone up considerably in just a year while SSDs have gone considerably down
-for the case, i would get a cooler master one, they just can't be beat in terms of quality and price in my opinion, my favorite is the HAF 912, but there is also the CM690II which is a bit more expensive, but also more feature-rich, after buying other cases from different manufacturers in the past, i don't think i'll ever buy a case that isn't from Cooler master (or CM storm, its subsidiary)
-for the power supply, don't cheap out, wattage ratting isn't what you should necessarily be looking for here. For your build, 650w to 750w should be more than enough. I would get at least one with a 80+ bronze rating, but would encourage you to get one that's rated gold (higher efficiency), again though get one from a quality manufacturer because there are cheap ones out there that can potentially go bad quicker and maybe even damage components (i would consider corsair, cooler master, seasonic, antec, and maybe ocz), also look for ones that have a single +12v rail so that you don't get into issues with too many amps on one rail, etc.

There can be other things to consider like an optical drive. I would say that they're not really necessary anymore with flash drives you can boot from and carry everything. But if you want one, they can usually be obtained relatively cheaply unless you want a blu-ray drive or burner.

I would encourage you to look at synthetic benchmarks to help make your decisions as well as reviews. You can always browse www.newegg.com to look at everything. Don't worry about putting your PC together either, there are tons of videos on youtube that show people going through the whole process (like an hour long or so) so you can watch them).


(this is all one site, there are others out there too btw)

In addition though, I would recommend getting a 3rd party cooler for your CPU as ivy-bridge tends to run a bit hot. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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