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Originally posted by David

Oh, bineinteles... deocamdata ne luam avant si deodata vom uita subit sa sarim si vom ajunge chiar mai in spate!

Cazul Ceahlaul vs. Dinamo a fost clasat. Un blat evident a fost clasat! Arbitri fura ca la usa cortului [vezi Farul vs. Bacau]. La ce dracu' sa te mai astepti? Echipele care joaca pe bune se ineaca in mocirla.

National plays for good and it shows: they are first

We might have few arrangements from time to time but not like before. Things are getting better and that's what's important.

About Ceahlaul-Dinamo, I don't get the media. When they were punished, the newspapers jumped on FRF and LPF because they were unjust, now that the teams regained their points the same newspapers say that they should be punished. I really don't get them.

Now, I understand the Comission a little because, even as Hagi said it, without proofs, you cannot take an official action. The problem is that it is hard to find proofs of arrangements. I hope that in the future the Comission will be changed with experts in this field and it will adopt new and improved ways to detect irregularities.

Now, stop complaining and enjoy when things are getting better! :fero:

P.S. If National will win the championship you'll have to buy me some beer because that will show that the good teams and the teams that play honestly can win

"Strength and honor"
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