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Newby will make the difference. It was his absence which really hurt the side last year. It's good to see Jeremic in the fold. I was wondering what became of him after that victory @ 2007 FIBA U19. Interestingly Ke$-money wasn't much of a factor that tournament, but look at what a player he's become. These youth tournaments are a decent guide, but they're never the last word on a player's career.

The good thing about this team is that they punch above their weight. It's nice to know that the coach will get the maximum out of the players. They are streaky, but once they get it going they can match anyone. It'll be interesting to see who makes the cut. I realise we're a little thin defensively however with the exception of Markovic I'd rather we did away with the liability-on-offence guys such as Perovic.
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