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Where art thou fats, won't you please return?
The whole crew and I are gettin real concerned!
You're missing out on all the fun and the fitez!
You know how much shit gets real in the nights?
Since you left, it's like people been losin their powers
That ****** TTM done slipped and fell off of a tower!
Marie finally killed the Somalis, she very much hated
Bill chopped off his own cock, then cooked it and ate it
StillLearning StoppedLearning, he thinks he has grown alm:
Fird gave away all of his riches and renounced his throne
Dude, you missed a great show. It was sent from the heavens
It was called "A Mesdown: The Ressurrection part 7"

Jeff stopped reading and writing and now only likes porn
Los Che Forever flipped and switched from bananas to corn
And it seems that gay IS a trend in this part of the woods
Who would ever think that Claudiu would marry Dagoods
Krle lights up one joint after another and he has no excuse
Remi just sits on his chair and constantly quotes Dr. Seuss
Zeke's been taking his showers in the fetal position
Iain's in Europe, but will only return under ransom conditions
Stanko took his passion for football, put it on the side
Gates made the mistake of winking at Lobo and died
Boban went ape shit, he's been acting ****ing crazy insane!
To make a long story short, boban's pretty much been the same


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