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Yeah good call there Maz, Pepe a rabid animal with a fetid smell, a misunderstood soul in a cold and hard world.


Also Pepe le Cheat reminds me somewhat of Mayweather jr.. Not sure what it is tho.

Originally Posted by Andy Christ View Post
This current Real Madrid is really a team you love to hate: the biggest piece of shit in football (Pepe), the most annoying diver (Di Maria), the most pathetic drama queen (Cristiano Ronaldo) and the most notorious egomaniac in the game (Mourinho).
Spot on. We could add the club with the worst and most annoying media behind it (marca, as, elmundo, radio cope etc) supplying everything from wild conspiracy theories to coup d'etats for Perez, the very worst 'galactico' transfer policy (still lol'ing at kaka), the most disgusting history, a notorious theif as president (Perez using his connections with ex(?)-fascist Partido Popular to bail them out with Spanish peoples tax money), sadly the most kidnapped fans, the worst sense of entitlement you can find this part of the milky way etc. And back to Pepe, look at the first video clip again how he first kicks and then stomps Xavi Torres then runs away from the fight like a coward he is, this is vintage Real Moudrid tactics and not only that, he dives and he spouts bullshit in the media about referees being biased against Moudrid.. alm: As someone said, if someone wanted to bring him to court he could likely get some 15-20 years for assault and general rabid dog behaviour. If Jose Mourinho was a player, he would be Pepe. Overrated piece of piss who needs to resort to violence and cheating to hide his personal and tactical shortcomings.

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of them am I. lol
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