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Forgetting my Fate

Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
Love wisely.
This wisdom reads simple and smells tantalising; where is that flesh (the sea the sand and the stars ) that would make this way of loving and longing more seductive?

Originally Posted by Cesária Évora
There, in the sky, you're a star that doesn't shine
There, at the seabed, you're the sand that doesn’t soil
Watching the world from here
There are only rocky cliffs and the sea

Poor island full of love
With its morna and its coladera songs
Wıse Island full of love
With batuco and its Funaná music

Oh so much longing
Longing, longing
Oh so much longing
Longing without end

Little island I love you so much
Small little island I Iove it so much

Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
Cool, knowing this Thackeray had many sides to him, I am curious to know which Thackeray is the source of pride for you?
For me, I will always love the kolkatta-born boy who, even in his old age, could not - against his better judgement - wean himself off those 'spicy' peppers that (he was warned) were in part damaging his health. .
Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
Love wisely.
Reminds me of the 'take care of yourselves and each other.' Jerry Springer used say after his final thoughts to his viewers – with all sincerity, by the way - though knowing full well that ‘taking care…’ is exactly what his guests hadn't been doing and that this fact was the reason why we watch his show in the first place.
Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
Rendition of Dido's Lament in Vanity Fair top class Tone.
Taken as given!
Thanks, Maturin, for offering-up those words.
Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
Take on Bill's first utterance Tone.
A guy who understood his (and our) complicity in all the corruption we might wanna distance ourselves from.
A guy with 4 eyes who knew almost all the tricks from 3 continents and more.
With great doses of generosity and tolerance and no little style (sometimes convoluted sometimes clear sometimes complicit sometimes critical), this guy was an extravagant and strange maker and breaker of the many-shaded and multiple-sized illusions we hold.
More than anything the Thackeray that attracts me was an energetic mixer of styles and a greedy sampler of life.
Why filter-up and away Bill’s vision and energy to get Maturin’s wisdom?
Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
The rest is just dressing and is at opposite extremes.
Got a feeling the rest was just as much a product of Thackeray’s experience and reflection and imagination that he sought to share with us.

Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
Love wisely.
This reminds me of the 'drive safely' a friend of Steve Kean might have said when the latter insisted on making his own way home...

...with the best of intentions of course but knowing full well he was drunk as a skunk.

Originally Posted by Maturin View Post
Moderation is so utterly under rated.
As they say, to everything there is a season, moderation included; hopefully Time, herself, will kindly make a space for the extremities you mention:

Originally Posted by Nahum Tate’s When I Am Laid in Earth
Thy hand, Belinda, darkness shades me,
On thy bosom let me rest,
More I would, but Death invades me;
Death is now a welcome guest.
When I am laid, am laid in earth, May my wrongs create
No trouble, no trouble in thy breast;
Remember me, remember me, but ah! forget my fate.
Remember me, but ah! forget my fate.

Originally Posted by Time
washingtone17 pokes and prods these words offered-up in search of something more than words…

Soon Come-Kachifo
El infierno es vacío; todos los diablos están aquí.

Interview met George Boateng :

Wat is uw favoriet boek? De Bijbel
Wat is uw favoriet televisieprogramma? Wanhopige Huisvrouwen

Originally Posted by (Albert) Chinua(lumogu) Achebe
People say there are no wrong questions, only wrong answers; that is wrong [(!)]

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