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Originally Posted by イラ View Post
Mourinho did make you suffer to an extent. Not in the league but you do talk about what the Copa means to you JA and he won it for them.
Well... if we consider his continuous attacks, lies, provokations, etc... yes, he made us suffer. At the same time, I also believe that it is the best fuel for the motivation of the barcelonisme.

About the Copa defeat, it was a bit disappointing, because we wanted it all... and whoever says the opposite lies. Suffering? Not really. The team tried it and died with the boots on.

I remember when I was leaving Mestalla, with all the culés around, to see our people with the head up, singing and waiting for the following week. Somehow there was a huge confidence in the victory.

You have to know the barcelonisme. This kind of defeat used to be a total disaster for the barcelonisme. We used to end up devastated by these things. But you walked around and you could only see fans proud of the team and convinced about the final victory.

Madrid could only defeat us in an accident and this is what it was. The only time they crossed the midfield since the first half, they found a goal out of nowhere, while they were waiting for the penalties. It was the only possible way. In La Liga and in the CL, the victories were out of question... if they want to trust their own lies, good for them. But the whole World saw it, we were miles ahead. We closed them in their own box in the CL semifinals, they only shot once on target in 90 minutes... with 11 or with 10, they had no option. And they still complain about the referee, when this Real Madrid only offered a team that stopped the game with fouls that were beyond violent, as the one of Pepe... and they still complain.

They're like the nazis blaming the jews for the terrible fate of Germany in the 20s and 30s. Just the same, a bunch of lies, excuses to find a guilty anywhere but at home. But after all, Mourinho is just the Adolf Hilter of football and everyone knows it. Just a huge liar.

He's so boring... he's such a liar that it's very easy to expose him. He came out with his usual list of prepared lies, the same lies he used in Chelsea and Inter... and when he expected all the covers for his ****ing face again, Pep raised the voice for once... and, of course, when someone like Pep, always moderated and tolerant, speaks loud... everything changes. We gave them the CL of the conference press and Barcelona won 0-2 in the Bernabeu. And, the best of all, Mourinho didn't give any press conference since that day until now.

Suffering then? Not really, it was anger, it was pride, because this is the effect of his words on us. If we go back to football, Real Madrid was unexistant and their season was a ruin and the Copa a sad anecdote for the most expensive team football ever saw. The ruin of Copa is the best symbol of this Madrid. The respectful people like Pellegrini do not have any space there... their values, their history and tradition are in ruins, like the Copa... they're just a kidnapped club and social mass in the hands of a firestarter.

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