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Originally Posted by Manchesthair View Post
Jean Charles actually.
This reads like you are correcting a Maurizio Gaudino typo?

Originally Posted by Manchesthair View Post
At least mine is me.
Is this Manchesthair? I like your leggings.

Seriously, I like the pic, not necessarily because it's 'you' but more because the person smiling is smiling a full, hopeful and beautiful smile.:smile:

It's a bit like de Jong's smile we saw very recently when he got his first goal for the ManChester of City against (the) West of Ham.

Originally Posted by Manchesthair View Post
George looks like a spastic.
Fear this is the combination of rampant 'candor' and 'dishonesty' that did not aid you well in your classic, tragic and epic 20-pages and more of MarieL-chasing in the ole Love and Dating forum.

All that time part-hijacking MCFail's great 'I'm attracted to someone on XT' thread without any discernible pay-off?

Well done Icy 'Paula' for holding her own against the odds; resisting the would-be-gory urges of certain Xtratimers wanting to penetrate her brain - I'll say no more...
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Originally Posted by (Albert) Chinua(lumogu) Achebe
People say there are no wrong questions, only wrong answers; that is wrong [(!)]
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