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Rain in ManChester

Originally Posted by Manchesthair View Post
Wow, you got it, Manchesthair.

If there was one word needed that sums-up the right-sided defensive situation at the ManChester of City wouldn't that be it?

Why is this position on-the-pitch proving to be so treacherous for so many different players - that's what I need to know?

Can you answer this?

How does ole Zabaleta protect himself and his mind from the rain in ManChester that fills such a poisonous chalice?

Originally Posted by Manchesthair View Post
Not funny for Habib, a devout Muslim, a soccer-angel and a solid anchor who so soon after being arbitrarily shifted to the right was then driven to the depths of despair; submitting his soul to a desperate and regrettable dependency.

Originally Posted by Mory Touré
Their fame, their celebrity has utterly transformed my life.
...and later:

Originally Posted by A smiling Mory Touré
Football has become this family’s drug.

Originally Posted by ?? View Post
TGO once called Boateng the 'rich man's Sun Ji-hai'. Turns out Sun is better. p
I will say ??? faced similar problems establishing himself in a similar position at this club against a certain highly effective low-tech Danny Mills.

Which loon let those Mills overshadow that Sun?

Soon Come-Kachifo
El infierno es vacío; todos los diablos están aquí.

Interview met George Boateng :

Wat is uw favoriet boek? De Bijbel
Wat is uw favoriet televisieprogramma? Wanhopige Huisvrouwen

Originally Posted by (Albert) Chinua(lumogu) Achebe
People say there are no wrong questions, only wrong answers; that is wrong [(!)]

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