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Originally Posted by voka_gsw View Post
Sens fan? I sympathize.
lol tnx i tell ya, they r doing it all on a purpose
Anyhow am following hockey since that Oympics 1994 in Lillehammer, that's where my love for the game and the unlucky Kariya started ... followed Mighty Ducks coz of him in the following 2 seasones then after he left and few years without a fav club started to follow more Sens after seeing them in real in the season when Chara and Spezza came 2001 or 2002 and since then am Sens in bad and worse

Yeah Pens dropped a bit, but still doing good even with injuries, happy Crosby is back on ice ...
About finals d go as well on Flyers -Canucks, they should remain strong without Prongie till the poffs, as a friend of mine says, so we can watch Sedins cry when Prongie abuses them

We shall see, cannot wait for the poffs

Els clubs són un negoci, excepte el Barça, que és un sentiment i una passió.
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