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There is currently 9 rounds left in the season. A total of 27 points up for grabs. The team above which i stated in Bold have a chance to qualify. However there are teams in the mid table who still have a chance to qualify as there is almost 30 points that they can achieve. If they succeed in these 9 weeks, they can then be able to get into a better position and qualify for promotion......so there will be surprises coming up hopefully...

Here are the teams that are in Qualifying position:
1 Hapoel Haifa FC:
After Shapria Z'L passing, the team faltered into Liga Leumit and never regain their momentum. Only 10 years ago, they won the League. Since then they had trouble keeping up and as a result they were relegated a few years back. This has resulted in near misses of the league almost every single season then. Hapoel Haifa has a great team with a great reputation and fans to prove their worth..but they havent been up to par until this year.
Unfortuantely, they also havent been playing the best. They started the season almost unbeaten. Until they came into the Winter break...they started to become sloppy and giving up useless goals and not being determined..thinking that they are guranteed a place for next season, eventhough they could be soon fighting to keep their 1st place alive. Overall, they are destined to achieve success and go to Liga Ahal. But success for them would depend on how well they do this year and who they will purchase for next season...hopefully some strong and young players who can lead them somewhere.

2 Hapoel Acre FC:
Hapoel Akko has been a top favourite for a long time. A small team with not many hopes, but they have been fighting for the past few years in hopes of making it into Liga Ahal. Unfortunately, they always came short and with the news of 5 team promotion, they have taken advantage of the situation and are looking at the future with hope in the top tier of Israeli football. Hapoel Acco has always been considered a semi-professional team and their players are very amaturish. Can they survive in Liga Ahal? Only time will tell. They are currently 4 points behind leaders Haifa. Tied with Beer Sheva.

3 Hapoel Beer Sheva :
Hapoel Beer Sheva, along with Hapoel Haifa are one of the few teams in Liga Leumit who's is more familair with Israeli football fans in Liga Ahal than Liga Leumit. Bad successes over the last decade has forced them to go down. Eventhough they have been promoted a once or twice, they have been playing very poorly and their team looks like gold, but they are far from what they say they are. They start seasons strong but choke in the middle and as a result, they lose out. Even now they are tied for 2nd place...in 3rd..and although they have a comfortable setting..if the 5 promotion rule didnt apply and promotion was today....they would have lost yet again...and they lost the last few seasons on peanut difference's like Goal Difference....

4 Hapoel Ramat Gan FC:
Hapoel Ramat Gan is well known around the Israeli football scene for their triumphant debut in Europe as a Liga Leumit team. They have alot to prove and they have been to Liga Leumit before and they are considered a strong team eventhough they havent been playing very well and are stuck for 4th place with 39 points.

5 Amutat Hapoel Raanana:
Hapoel Raanana is also a strong show in Liga Leumit. Having proved themselves in the state cup in previous year Raanana is looking to make a name for themselves in the Sharon Region. Their skills are the same as Akko in my opinion but they have alot of potential room for success and they can do alot of damage. Currently they are ranked 5th with 37 points. 6th position is given to Ahi Nazareth whom have 29 points. From the looks of it...they seem far off, but with 29 points up for grabs....3 straight wins per say can bump Nazareth into 5th and push Raanana out of the dream....

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