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I will keep you all up to date mali.

Lucky luciano, I'm 17. Thanks for the compliment, btw. Harley is on a different course than I am, which makes it hard to talk to her, it takes some courage to talk to someone you fancy when you have so few opportunities in a day to do it, but I'll give it a go. It's extra hard for me to make a move when she's talking to other people around her, it would make me embarassed :embarass: I will try though.

Yes, depression and feeling disconnected are common place, marc. Perhaps I do have a bit of what you said, but it could be other things.

Yep, I'm certainly one for over-analysing. The amount I unneccessarily analysis depends on my mood. If I'm feeling positive then I don't question my feelings so much, whereas if I'm feeling negative then I do, and it makes me feel even more negative. Right now I'm feeling ok, have been better, have been a lot worse. Yes, analysing is something that I need to control more.
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