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Originally Posted by eyeofthetiger
Is that like a very minor form of split personallity?

Btw, I was feeling blue today (I've actually written a song called 'Feeling Blue'. ), but when I saw the girl again, my blues just became diminished. I am making small progress, I learned what her name is today - Harley. Nice name. Anyway, yes I'm confused.

I think she may be going out with someone, but I will try to summon the courage to find out somehow.

I should at least talk to her.
Its like mood swings, manic behaviour, depression and you feel disconnected among other things. Well if she makes you happy let her know a bit, just say something like its "good to see you again" and try to spark up a little talk.

Yeah, talk to her a bit. If she has a boyfriend you can still be friendly, amiable and then if they don't work out, you'll be there for her. Good luck, not the end of the world to say hello.

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