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Full Team Profiles

I'm not the guy who follows Polish or Romanian football.
I don't know all the players who play for Russia or which players are injured from Portugal.

That's why I started this thread. Euro 2008 is approaching and I want a full view of all teams:

Most probable 20 players to be called up
Key players

I think it would be great for everybody if people review their own countries like this.

[I know there are already such threads but mostly they are scattered and not complete.]
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Definite Call Ups

Nikopolidis (Olympiakos)
Chalkias (Aris)

Dellas (AEK)
Antzas (Olympiakos)
Torosidis (Olympiakos)
Patsazoglou (Olympiakos)
Spyropoulos (Panathinaikos)
Goumas (Panathinaikos)
Seitaridis (Ath. Madrid)
Kyrgiakos (Frankfurt)

Midfielders (Torosidis and Patsazoglou can play in the midfield as well)
Karagounis (Panathinaikos)
Tziolis (Panathinaikos)
Katsouranis (Benfica)
Basinas (Mallorca)

Lymberopoulos (AEK)
Salpigidis (Panathinaikos)
Samaras (Celtic)
Amanatidis (Frankfurt)
Gekas (Leverkrusen)
Charisteas (Nuremberg)

Potential Call Ups

Kotsolis (Larissa)
Michailidis (Atromitos)
Tzorvas (OFI)

Papastathopoulos (AEK) [the best defender in Greece and he’s only 19, really should get the call]
Vyntra (Panathinaikos) [he shouldn’t be on the team but can see Rehagle calling him up]
Kapsis (APOEL) [same goes for Kapsis]

Kafes (AEK) [he has been amazing in the second half of the season for AEK]
Giannakopoulos (Bolton)

Papadopoulos (Panathinaikos)
Mantzios (Frankfurt)

Our Most Likely Starting 11 Baring Any Injuries (I posted this before in another thread)


Most Likely Subs
Lymberopoulos (Rehagle has been effectively using him as a super sub and I cant really see this changing. IMO Lymbe should definitely start)

Key Players
If I were to pick a key player it would have to be Basinas, as he is the captain and plays an important role in taking free kicks and corners, distributing the ball around the midfield, and disrupting the opposing teams attack. However there are no real key players on this squad as the National team plays as a UNIT, and can survive without him

None at the moment.

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This is the preview I wrote about Spain a while back

Likely Squad:
Goalkeepers- Iker Casillas, 'Pepe' Reina, Victor Valdes

- Sergio Ramos, Joan Capdevila, Alvaro Arbeloa, Antonio Lopez/ Mariano Pernia

Centre Backs
- Carles Puyol, Carlos Marchena, Raul Albiol and possibly Juanito/ Pablo Ibanez

- Xavi, Cesc Fabregas, Xabi Alonso, Andres Iniesta, Marcos Senna, David Silva, Albert Riera and possibly David Albelda/ Joaquin

- David Villa, Fernando Torres, Raul Tamudo, Luis Garcia [ESP] and possibly Dani Guiza/ Bojan

Luis Aragones as a coach
- I like the style of football he tries to promote in his team, football is becoming more and more mechanical nowadays. Especially at international level, but Spain and probably Argentina are the only teams who play the most vintage style of football about. So Aragones has to be applauded for that. He does have flexible ideas and changes formations if need be. Though he does have a tendency to choose some very average or bad footballers (Pernia) and can be very stubborn. If Spain are losing and need to turn a match around, I don't think he has that capacity to make bold changes. He has however done one thing well and that is get rid of the old guard and there dressing room cartel (Raul, Canizares, Salgado) these three were a big problem in the world cup. Finally he was the man to end this Raul dictatorship which ensued in the NT, fueled by the bullshit Madridista press. Whether or not Raul should be included now is debatable, but I think he gives too many problems with his presence alone. If he is in the squad, he has to play and it has to be as a forward and yadda yadda.

Likely lineup
- Aragones tends to play 2 slightly different line ups depending on the opposition. When Spain play harder opponents he likes to play an extra midifelder (Cesc) in a 4-2-3-1 so that Spain can control midfield and there is less pressure on Xavi from the opposition. Against countries who may not be as powerful he tends to play an extra striker (Torres). I think the lineups are almost set bar injuires and maybe form. The only player which may be changed is Marchena, but that might be highly unprobable.





Main players

Xavi- Xavi is the heartbeat of the team and Aragones places a huge amount of trust in him, he's played him even he's not been at his most consistent. But I think Aragones likes continuity and thinks that obviously sustaining certain players is importnat for that, especially for the role Xavi plays. A lot of the success will lie in how good Xavi performs, however there is only a certain degree he can perform too. A lot of the times teams pressure Xavi a lot or mark him, which limits his impact or ability to control a game. I think thats why Cesc helps as an extra midfielder in the middle as he's able to take the focus off Xavi a bit.

- Some might argue he is probably Spain's most important player but I think Aragones has more dependency on Xavi. Anyway Villa is vital to the success of Spain as he is the main goalscorer and the player who can decide the fate of Spain. He fits the style perfectly as he's very intelligent and participates in the build up a lot on top of his goals.

- The high defence that Spain love to use means there is always the threat of opponents exposing them on he break or such, but Casillas in terms of reflexes is the best goalkeeper in the world. He stands up well in one on ones and has amazing reactions, pulling off the miracle saves. He's also the captain and to his credit a very good one, he has wodnerufl diplomacy and helps the dressing room ambience which obviously prevents any dressing room splits. He doesn't engage in the Raul debate or cry the way As and Marca would prefer.

Strengths of the team

Ball Retention- No team in World football can retain the ball like Spain, the abundance of midfielders who are specialists in distributing the ball is very good (Cesc, Xavi, Xabi, Iniesta) They play with majestic control of the ball ad at times are unplayable, opposition can spend minutes without getting a touch of the ball.

Depth- There is a good level of quality in the squad, maybe less so in defence. But in midfield and attack there are loads of options. Considering the starting lineups the bench of Spain can have players like: Torres, Cesc, Tamudo, Xabi Alonso, Reina, Joaquin and then you have players who may be possible candidates like Morientes, Vicente, Guiza, etc.

Weaknesses of the team
The defence- Spanish teams love to play a high line as we have seen even with Rafa, the problem is Aragones does not have the nouse to create a sustained idea of defending and using the high line. Benitez spent hours fine tuning our back line so they work in sync, but Spain don't do that and the majority of there goals come from a defener being caught out of line with the rest of the defence on a counter attack. The solution is hard to achieve, without getting a coach to work on this and with a sustained period of time, something almost non-existant in relation to International football.

Lack of power and physical conditioning
- The team is obviously brilliant as an attacking force, but the midfielers bar Albleda are all elegant players, not really powerful players. But you can never get that balanced without hindering the football, hybrid footballers are non-existant. Secondly the team struggled as WC went on with the physical demands, they tired a lot against France and were caught out as a result. They need Pako Ayesteran

Lack of grinding- Spain has to always play well to win, if a match is very intense and what not, then they do not have that level of jaminess or ablity to sustain an opposition which the Italians have been perfect at, wonderufl football is brilliant but there is always an odd game you won't play well, the problem with Spain is they have problems to win when playing bad.


Quarter Finals- They will most likely play well but lose to a good counter attacking team.

Liverpool players in the Spanish NT

Xabi Alonso- He was a mainstay for a long time but Aragones realised the balance of the team was not right and that they were exposed physically, so he relinquished Xabi for Albelda. I think Xabi will probably play a bit, but not a main starter.

Fernando Torres- Torres' talents are appreciated by Aragones, but his style is not the ideal for the Spanish style. He's more of a French style striek than a Spanish one, he is quite direct and dynamic in his stlye whereas the Spanish Nt likes everything to be slow and measured. But he does give them a good option especially for holding the ball and giving defenders a headace. I think of our players he will get the most minutes.

Pepe Reina- Its a shame he doesn't play more but he is in the shadow of Casillas who has been the main goalie for a lot of years now and
also the captain. He'll get the least action, but if called upon then he's reliable. Also if they have a PK, they can sub Iker

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Great to read!

I hope there will be a report about all the teams

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This is rough, I may come back to do a bit of cleaning up later.

Qualified in second place of Group C, 7 points behind group winners Greece. They won the first four games of qualifying, including a 4-1 romp of Greece in Athens, but picked up onle a single win in the next six matches. Two wins over Norway away, and then Bosnia in Istanbul in the last two matches clinched qualification just a point ahead of Norway.

Drawn into Group A at Euro 2008, alongside hosts Switzerland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

* Turkey lost to Portugal in both Euro 1996 and Euro 2000, their only two previous appearances at the finals.
* Turkey and Switzerland were involved in a very heated playoff in qualification for World Cup 2006, ending in blows after a Swiss player kicked a Turkish trainer who had attempted to trip another Swiss player!
* Turkey has never defeated the Czech Republic, with only a single draw to show for in their four meetings. They however have beaten Czechoslovakia once in their ten (!) meetings.

Most probable selection
GK - Volkan Demirel, Rüştü Reçber,
+ 1 more (Orkun Uşak, Serkan Kırıntılı, Hakan Arıkan, Tolga Zengin)

DEF - Servet Çetin, Gökhan Zan, Emre Aşık, Gökhan Gönül, Sabri Sarıoğlu, Hakan Balta,
+ 1 x CB, 1 x LB (İbrahim Kaş, Volkan Yaman, Yasin Çakmak, Emre Güngör, Ceyhun Gülselam)

MID - Emre Belözoğlu (captain), Marco (Mehmet) Aurelio, Arda Turan, Mehmet Topuz, Gökdeniz Karadeniz,
+ 3 more (Likely three of Tümer Metin, Ayhan Akman, Yıldıray Baştürk, Serdar Özkan, Mehmet Topal, Uğur Boral)

FWD - Nihat Kahveci, Mehmet Yıldız, Tuncay Şanlı,
+ 1 more (Possibly out of Semih Şentürk, Mevlüt Erdinç, Halil Altıntop, Gökhan Ünal)

I may have missed a few players who may be up for selection, if so I apologise, this is a rough list off the top of my head.

Key players
Nihat Kahveci - It's hard to go past him as the #1 player in this team, he is a constant threat in attack, links up with his teammates very well and can score from set pieces anywhere in the opposition half, provided Emre lets him take them! Currently having a stellar season in Spain with Villarreal, our attacking prowess will be pinned on him.

Arda Turan - Not a player I expect many non-Turks to know, but keep an eye on him. He's an extremely gifted and intelligent winger who's comfortable on either flank or through the middle. He has great technique, and the intelligence to pull the strings through midfield. What lets him down is his lack of raw pace, and a weak shot. If on form, he could be one of the unexpected 'stars' of the tournament that has scouts all over the continent drooling.

Marco (Mehmet) Aurelio - This naturalised defensive midfielder may be left to carry the whole midfield on his own shoulders, especially when the team is looking for goals late in a match. He's also off contract at Fenerbahçe, and if he doesn't renew his deal soon may be looking to sell himself at the tournament.

A Turkish team always works hard through midfield, and that's no different with this squad.

In attack, with players like Nihat, Tuncay, Tümer and Gökdeniz in good form, goals can come at any moment, so even if the team has a bad day at the office they could snatch a point or three.

Quite clearly in defence. The likely starting duo, barring injury, will be Gökhan Zan and Servet Çetin, both tall, strong and slow (and must be said, occasionally foolishly clumsy). It gets even worse beyond these two, as depth in defence is shocking.

Whilst right back Gokhan Gönül has had a meteoric rise, even being labeled by UEFA.com and Zico as 'the Turkish Cafu', his strengths lie in attack more than in defence. On the other flank, Hakan Balta is a dependable, no frills left back.

The chosen goalkeepers are all prone making howlers, yet are all capable of being match winners in their own right as well.

The team lacks any sort of tactical organisation, and struggles against tactically superior teams, even if they aren't all that talented. A little bit of planning, as Greece showed, can make the game look quite easy. On the other hand, the other Greece match showed that a few goals can fly in from nowhere and make a game look easy, too.

The team should manage get a result or two and probably finish third in the group, but with the way Portugal are playing of late, an upset in the first match could see us qualify for the quarter finals.

However I wouldn't bank on this team getting out of it's group, despite the talent at our disposal, the team doesn't have the tactical prowess to progress. It would take an upset and a handful of luck to get through the group in my opinion.

Possible/probable line-up
GK - Volkan Demirel
LB - Hakan Balta
CB - Gökhan Zan
CB - Servet Çetin
RB - Gökhan Gönül
LW - Arda Turan
CM - Marco (Mehmet) Aurelio
CM - Emre Belözoğlu (c)
RW - Gökdeniz Karadeniz
FW - Nihat Kahveci
FW - Tuncay Şanlı

Notable players likely to miss out
Most are notable by name, others are players who arguably should be there or youngsters who arguably deserve to have the experience as they'll serve us in the near future. In the case of Hamit Altıntop, he has a broken bone in his foot and isn't likely to be fit in time.

Hamit Altıntop
Nuri Şahin
Ümit Karan
Hasan Şas
Hakan Şükür
Serhat Akın
Caner Erkin
Fatih Tekke


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Stipe Pletikosa (Spartak Moscow)
Vedran Runje (Lens)
Mario Galinović (Panathinaikos)


Vedran Čorluka (Manchester City)
Robert Kovač (Borussia Dortmund)
Dario Šimić (AC Milan)
Josip Šimunić (Hertha Berlin)
Dario Knezević (Livorno)
Hrvoje Vejić (Tomsk)
Manuel Pamić (Red Bull Salzburg)
and either
Dino Drpić (Dinamo Zagreb)
Ivica Križanac (Zenit Saint Petersburg)


Luka Modrić (Dinamo Zagreb)
Darijo Srna (Shakhtar Donetsk)
Niko Kovač (Red Bull Salzburg)
Niko Kranjčar (Portsmouth)
Ivan Rakitić (Schalke 04)
Danijel Pranjić (Heerenveen)
Ognjen Vukojević (Dinamo Zagreb)
and either
Marko Babić (Real Betis)
Jerko Leko (Monaco)
Nikola Pokrivać (Monaco)
Ivo Iličević (Greuther Furth)
Jurica Vranješ (Werder Bremen)


Mladen Petrić (Borussia Dortmund)
Ivica Olić (Hamburg)
Igor Budan (Parma)
Ivan Klasnić (Werder Bremen)
Nikola Kalinić (Hajduk Split)


we will most likely start with a 4-4-2 with option to go 4-3-3









-----Budan ------Petric ------

and what id hope Bilic would do is this-






we the fans would like to see Srna drop back to the RB position and have Rakitic step into the RM. Also the form of the Kovac brothers is nothing to be proud of. Bilic is undecided really on the starting 11 as the Eduardo injury has put another spot up for the striker or we may even play Rakitic in the hole, all this will become clearer after the next 2 friendlies. Its going to be Petric and either Budan or Klasnic or Olic or Rakitic in the hole.


Great technical skill in the players who can play a great possesion game. Youth who like playing for there nation with alot of pride. Strong midfield who can create alot of chances for the strikers. Strikers even though no Eduardo are defintely up tp the task.


Defense has been a glaring problem, Robert Kovac and Dario Simic have really slipped up in the last few games for the NT and with Simic never playing for Milan he has been put to the bench for the last friendly. Niko Kovac also doesnt offer anything in the midfield offensivley, people are calling for Vukojevic to be placed into the starting 11 as Kovac has had poor games of late like his brother. Also the loss of Eduardo is not exactly going to help our cause, although petric and Budan are more then capable strikers.


Luka Modric - the engine of the team, can create, defend well, is all over the park, runs the show in our team.

Niko Kranjcar - has had a breakout season with Portsmouth and has been in the best players for the last few NT games. Creativity be thy name. best techinally gifted player on the team, plays football with his brain. A thinking footballer

Dario Srna - when he is on his game is unstoppable. RM/B has pinpoint crosses, excellent freekicks and is usually our penalty taker.

Mladen Petric - is a top striker in the bundesliga finishing 3rd in the goal scoring title behind Toni and Klose. Has great dribbling skill, can play midfield, very physical and can be seen all over the pitch. With Eduardo out, he must become the main man


before the Eduardo injury, i wouldve said id be disappointed with not reaching at least semis. Now i think if we get out of the group stages i will be happy.

Our road to euro-

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Good post Ćevap, regarding the key players Petrić should be considered one of them, cause without da Silva he needs to be the man to score the goals, if we want to get anything good from this tournament.

Also Spainish preview :thmbup:
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i will add it now.

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Great previews!

Didn't know Eduardo was injured
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Road to Euro:
1 Poland.... 14G 8W 4D 2L 24-12 28P
2 Portugal.... 14G 7W 6D 1L 24-10 27P
3 Finland...... 14G 6W 6D 2L 13-7 24P
4 Serbia........ 14G 6W 6D 2L 22-11 24P
all goals:

Definite Call Ups (this guys goes for sure):

Artur Boruc (Celtic)
Tomasz Kuszczak (Manchester Utd)
Lukasz Fabianski (Arsenal)

Jacek Bak (Austria Vienn), Central
Marcin Wasilewski (Anderlecht Bruksela), Right
Paweł Golanski (Steaua Bukareszt), Right
Mariusz Jop (FK Moskwa), Central
Michal Zewlakow (Olympiakos Pireus), All but most frequently like Central
Grzegorz Bronowicki (Crvena Zvezda Belgrad) Left

Dariusz Dudka (Wisla Krakow), DMC
Wojciech Lobodzinski (Wisla Krakow), Right Winger
Jakub Blaszczykowski (Borussia Dortmund),Right Winger
Mariusz Lewandowski (Szachtar Donieck),DMC
Rafal Murawski (Lech Poznan),MC
Jacek Krzynowek (VfL Wolfsburg) AMC or AML

Euzebiusz Smolarek (Racing Santander),Striker and both wings
Maciej Zurawski (AE Larisa),SC

Potential Call Ups:
+ two defenders from: Kokoszka (Wisla, DC), Radomski (Austria, DC or DMC), Wawrzyniak (Legia, DL)
// probably Wawrzyniak and someone from Kokoszka/Radomski
+ one midfielders from: Gargula (Belchatow), Majewski (Groclin), Roger (Legia) all AMC
// really hard to tell, Roger is Brazilian and we don't know what 'll be showing in NT team, Gargula play in the league avreage but he is the most experienc player from these guys, Majewski the youngest but he play in league fantastic.
+ three strikers from: Matusiak (Hereenven, now loan Wisla) Zahorski (Gornik), Janczyk (CSKA Moscow), Piszczek (Hertha), Saganowski (Southampton), Wichniarek (Arminia)
// hard to tell, Leo like Matusiak but he is totally out off form, Piszczek can play like left winger, Zahorski too, so probably Matusiak(who play big nothing), Piszczek or Zahorski and one classic striker from rest (in my opinion Wichniarek)

Our Most Likely Starting 11:

None at the moment. Golanski&Blaszczykowski has injuries but now they are healthy, i don't know what about Bronowicki right now

Key Players
Our biggest weapon is team work.

If we pass the group it will be big sucess.

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Originally Posted by Reco View Post

Didn't know Eduardo was injured
Really? Come on...there is a world out of Inter p
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Originally Posted by Tybor View Post
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Originally Posted by GICA View Post
Really? Come on...there is a world out of Inter p
Why do you think I need this thread p
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Likely squad:

-GKs: Lobont (Dinamo), D.Coman (Rapid) + 1 from Popa (Poli Timisoara), Tatarusanu (Gloria) and Stanca (Mioveni)

-Defenders: Contra (Getafe), Ogararu (Ajax), Goian (Steaua), Tamas (Auxerre), Moti (Dinamo), Chivu (Inter), Radu (Lazio), Rat (Shakhtar)

-Midfielders: Radoi (Steaua), Ov.Petre (Steaua), Codrea (Siena), Cocis (Lokomotiv Moscow), Nicolita (Steaua), Fl.Petre (CSKA Sofia), Dica (Steaua) + 1 from Trica (CFR Cluj), Zicu (Dinamo), Cristea (Dinamo), Torje (Dinamo), Deac (Otelul), Aliuta (Poli Timisoara) and Costea (U.Craiova)

-Strikers: Mutu (Fiorentina), Marica (Stuttgart), D.Niculae (Auxerre) + 1 from Costea (U.Craiova), M.Niculae (Inverness), Bucur (Poli Timisoara) and Bratu (Dinamo)

The coach and tactical issues:

Victor Piturca. A former striker who was European champion with Steaua in 1986. As coach he qualified the U21 NT for European championship in 1998. He took the senior NT after WC 98 and qualified them for Euro 2000 without losses, but he left the job before the final tournament due to problems with some players and the federation. In 2005, after successives NT failures with other coachs, he returned to the national bench. He qualified Romania for Euro 2008 without big problems, after 8 years of Romanian absences in top tournaments.
In 29 official games under Piturca, Romania have only lost 3 of them. His best results (in official games, not friendlies) have been 0-1 in Portugal, 1-5 in Slovakia, 2-0 against Czech Rep and 1-0 against Holland.
He likes the tactical discipline, a strong defence and fast players with a big work capacity. He can use a 4-2-3-1, or more probably a 4-3-2-1 against strong teams like the ones he will face in the Euros. It´s almost impossibe to predict with which players he will play in the first game against France. For sure Lobont, Goian, Tamas, Rat, Chivu, Mutu, Marica and very probably Cocis and Contra will be starters. But there are many possible combinations.

Key players:

-Mutu: The key man in the attack. He´s not only the most creative offensive player but the main goalscorer too. After his problems, he shows like a leader now. Very astute and clever in his movements from the left to the centre. He´s in great form in the last 2 years.

-Chivu: The captain and leader of the defensive zone. Since Piturca found a solid couple of centre backs in Goian and Tamas, Chivu plays in midfield, where his technique and accurated passes are very important. He solves some problems of creation in midfield.

-Lobont: Goalkeeper of big reflexes and great agility. He can make miraculous saves and his experience is essential for the NT. He´s the leader of the NT along with Chivu, Mutu and Contra.

-Goian: Big defender, elegant, a bit slow and absolutely dangerous in air balls where he´s one of the biggest Romanian threats. The corner kick takers will surely look for his head. He forms a solid centre back with Tamas, a player of similar characteristics. But they need the help of the DMs against fast strikers.

-Marica: Not a good season for him at Stuttgart, but that´s never a problem for a Romanian player in the NT, where he feels very comfortable and where the coach knows how to obtain the best from him. Very fast and restless striker with a very good understanding with Mutu. He can be a nightmare for the defenders due to his constant movements and pace.

Weak points

-Lack of creativity in some players, especially in midfield where Piturca wants essentially workers (like Codrea, Radoi, Ov.Petre, Fl.Petre or Nicolita). Sometimes the defenders abuse of long balls looking for direct attacks.

-Defending of set pieces. Chronic problem in Romanian football. A simple lack of concentration in a concrete moment can be fatal.

-Against opponents like France, Italy and Holland, Romanian players are clearly in disadvantage from the experience in big games point of view.

-Physical weakness, especially compared with the French players.

Strong points

-Tactical discipline. What in the past was a problem, Piturca has turned it into a positive point. Every player knows what to do in every situation and position.

-Pressing. It´s essential not to let the rival to make their game. That was the strategy against Holland in the qualifiers. The Dutchs didn´t score a single goal in the 2 games and were absolutely clueless in attack. If Piturca has to play with 3 DMs, he will do it.

-Fast attacks. The forwards make the ball go very fast in every attack, that´s ideal for players like Mutu, Marica or Daniel Niculae. The wingbacks always support the attacks, Rat and Contra know how to make danger in the flanks.

-Unknown team. Only Holland really know Romania; we are a mystery for Italy and France, and that can be an advantage for Romania. Also, Romanian players haven´t the pressure on them like the other 3 opponents. They can play with the "there is nothing to lose" spirit.


-In Euro 2000, Romania was drew in a terrible group too with Germany, England and Portugal. Romania managed to qualify for quarter-finals along with Portugal. They lost 2-0 with Italy in that round, one of the opponents in Euro 2008.

-Romania only beat Holland once in the history. It was in their last game, in Euro 2008 qualifiers.

-It was Romania who kicked Italy out of the Euro 1984 qualifiers, when the Italians were world champions. Romania won the group over Italy, Sweden and Czechoslovakia.

-Romania and France played their first game in Euro 1996 against eachother like it will happen in Switzerland. In that ocassion France won by 1-0. They had qualified in the same group for that tournament, with Romania as first placed and France as second placed.

-5 players of the current squad participated in the last final tournament for Romania (Euro 2000): Chivu, Mutu, Contra, Lobont and Florentin Petre.

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Nice Trivia tid bits for Romania. Even nicer if it would repeat it self in some way, wooh!
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Just to update on CK's Croatia post

Call ups:

Goalkeepers: Stipe Pletikosa, Vedran Runje, Mario Galinović
Defense: Josip Šimunić, Robert Kovač, Dario Šimić, Dario Knežević, Vedran Ćorluka, Hrvoje Vejić
Midfield: Niko Kovač, Luka Modrić, Ivan Rakitić, Danijel Pranjić, Darijo Srna, Niko Kranjčar, Jerko Leko, Ognjen Vukojević, Nikola Pokrivač
Attack: Mladen Petrić, Ivica Olić, Igor Budan, Ivan Klasnić, Nikola Kalinić

Reserves: Anas Sharbini, Manuel Pamić

Never forget
Never forgive
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That's the official one ?
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Florentin Petre is gonna be the only player in the euros playing in bulgaria, so yay to him, he's pretty good. Gonna watch him carefully.
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Here is my profile for the squad list of Italy

Euro 2008 Squad list:

#1. Gianluigi Buffon

Position: GK
Club: Juventus
Age: 30
NT Apps: 82
NT Goals: -

#2. Christian Panucci

Position: RB (CB)
Club: AS Roma
Age: 35
NT Apps: 53
NT Goals: 3

#3. Fabio Grosso

Position: LB
Club: Olympique Lyonnais
Age: 30
NT Apps: 31
NT Goals: 3

#4. Giorgio Chiellini

Position: CB/LB
Club: Juventus
Age: 23
NT Apps: 10
NT Goals: 1

#5. Fabio Cannavaro

Position: CB
Club: Real Madrid
Age: 34
NT Apps: 116
NT Goals: 1

#6. Andrea Barzagli

Position: CB
Club: Wolfsburg:
Age: 27
NT Apps: 22
NT Goals: -

#7. Alessandro Del Piero

Position: Fantasista (left)
Club: Juventus
Age: 33
NT Apps: 86
NT Goals: 27

#8. Gennaro Gattuso

Position: DM (right)
Club: AC Milan
Age: 30
NT Apps: 58
NT Goals: 1

#9. Luca Toni

Position: ST
Club: Bayern Munich
Age: 31
NT Apps: 34
NT Goals: 15

#10. Daniele De Rossi

Position: DM/CM
Club: AS Roma
Age: 24
NT Apps: 33
NT Goals: 4

#11. Antonio Di Natale

Position: Fantasista (left)
Club: Udinese
Age: 30
NT Apps: 18
Nt Goals: 7

#12. Marco Borriello

Position: ST
Club: AC Milan
Age: 25
NT Apps: 3
NT Goals: -

#13. Massimo Ambrosini

Position: DM/CM
Club: AC Milan
Age: 31
Nt Apps: 31
NT Goals: -

#14. Marco Amelia

Position: GK
Club: Livorno
Age: 26
NT Apps: 6
NT Goals: -

#15. Fabio Quagliarella

Position: CF (right/centre)
Club: Udinese
Age: 25
NT Apps: 8
NT Goals: 3

#16. Mauro Camoranesi

Position: RW
Club: Juventus
Age: 31
NT Apps: 35
Nt Goals: 3

#17. Morgan De Sanctis

Position: GK
Club: Sevilla
Age: 31
NT Apps: 2
NT Goals: -

#18. Antonio Cassano

Position: Fantasista (left)
Club: Sampdoria
Age: 25
NT Apps: 11
NT Goals: 3

#19. Gianluca Zambrotta

Position: RB/LB
Club: AC Milan
Age: 31
NT Apps: 71
NT Goals: 2

#20. Simone Perrotta

Position: AM
Club: AS Roma
Age: 30
NT Apps: 40
NT Goals: 2

#21. Andrea Pirlo

Position: Regista
Club: AC Milan
Age: 29
NT Apps: 46
NT Goals: 7

#22. Alberto Aquilani

Position: CM/AM
Club: AS Roma
Age: 23
NT Apps: 5
NT Goals: -

#23. Marco Materazzi

Position: CB
Club: Internazionale
Age: 34
NT Apps: 40
NT Goals: 2

XT Italian Prediction League Winner 2012
XT Serie A Fantasy League Honours
Xt Coppa Italia: 2009/10
XT Supercoppa Italiana: 2010, 2012
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