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The latest bad news rumour too reach me is, we will not sign any players before the start of the season, because we are going into Administration. Which would see a 10 point deduction, so we start the season on -10 points, and have a transfer ban.

Rumours like this are always coming out at Derby, ever since relegation from the premiership, and they just won't go away. We are believed too now be 40 million in debt, a 7 million increase from when the new owners took charge. That is bad, we're supposed to be reducing the debt not increasing. Some Derby fans have always said it's only a matter of time before we do go into administration, I know some who won't buy season tickets because of it.

The success of the team took attention away from the mess behind the scene last season, now the season is over, all the bad things are creeping too the surface again.

It's a case of keeping your eye on the club and seeing what happens over the summer.

Originally Posted by Nico
I dont belive in jinxing mate, I do belive in playing at home with a 2-0 advantage against a team which I cant see scoring 2 goals!

Of course, if we lose, I'll never admit it was me who wrote this.
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