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again, why and how do NEOS of all groups bring in socialist voting immigrants?

they are not in charge neither in Vienna nor in Brussels, never were and probably never will be. Classic Liberals/Libertarians usually don‘t get enough votes. all the leftist and mainstream media bash them 24/7 so it’s a miracle they get their 5% at all. they are in a coalition in Salzburg though, which unsurprisingly happens to be the best run of the 9 states atm.

the privatizing of all those things you mentioned is exactly what they, and Milton, want. only chance of this to happen is when they together with ÖVP in a Neuwahl in september get a majority. unlikely scenario. as for now, ÖVP at 38%, NEOS 9%, but that‘ll go down for both rather than up until then.

regardless of a minimum 5-6 million (left, right and centrist) „potheads“ in Germany, legalization has always been a major libertarian issue, because anything else (prohibition, restriction, regulation, control) is text book big government. Adenauer and de Gaulle were conservative, not libertarian, so why would they even think about it.

but once again I ask, what the hell with that video?

I mean, it‘s a funny piece of art (if you understand Australian), props to the director whoever that was.
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