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Originally Posted by pele10brazil View Post
Really? I think Ben was a total sucker in this interview. No matter how retarded some questions were(especially regarding youtube titles) his outburst greased the wheels for the Brit dude's last remark "Thank you for showing that anger is not in the American political discourse!"
He admitted he messed up as well. It seemed to me like he was expecting to eat the interviewer up like Jordan Peterson did to Cathy Newman. But he went off on an "opening" which wasn't an opening at all. He should have let the interviewer actually commit and, even then, he should have focused his rebuttal instead of going off on an aimless rant.

British interviewers tend to carry themselves differently. They can be scathing but demeanour, etiquette and composure are part of the package when they engage. Watch a true master stump the same interviewer and rattle him with the reminder that he worked for Fox News.

Btw, you can tell that Galloway was in the right not only from Neil's implicit recognition of the original arrangement but from the "Syria" caption.

There are other videos where Galloway was invited on the pretext of discussing something only to be ambushed by something else.

Here's one of my favourites...ITV brings on a "voter" to blast him...but she happens to be from a place where Galloway's party isn't even contesting. He lets 'em have it.

Originally Posted by Bob W The Bat View Post
These last years after the CL win I noticed when following the Inter online community that many fans have turned into cvcksuckers.
R.I.P: Tazzy, Flo.
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