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Claudio had his first miss step, and it seems to be a curse with all of the coaches we had in over 20 years (except for Capello that one season, and then back to insisting on 4-4-2 and his Lima fetish).

you see, the match before last we played 4-2-3-1 and did very well, in fact we've played the best football we've played in a very long while, so what do we do the match after it while facing a Piątek-less Genoa that dropped points in 6 straight prior?

what Ranieri decided to do was go back to his 4-4-2, and there was so much wrong with that decision and what sealed our fate was that the man stuck by that decision even as it proved that it wasn't working.

as for player choices, SES and Zaniolo are not wingers. Pellegrini started as a playmaker/shadow striker and had a woeful match (Zaniolo didn't get to play there and Pastore who had an impressive showing playing that role last match was kept on the bench) and was taken off for Schick, who was even more useless and played a role in the goal we conceived. Cristante too had a very bad game, his decision making process took forever resulting in dangerous situations and the moment that illustrates how he didn't want to be on the pitch was when Fazio had the ball and Nzonzi, covered by two men, pointed towards Cristante instructing Fazio to pass the ball there, only for Cristante to point at Nzoniz! and despite this he was left on the pitch for the duration of the match.

player choices can be fixed by either substitution or tactical approach after the fact, however Ranieri stuck to his guns through out the match even though it was obvious that our attack was playing too close to our midfield for us to create any real danger, even though we had more ball possession, and that our wingers were not really wingers to effectively create width. and after Zaniolo was taken off for Kluivert, and with SES doing his best, there was still mostly no one in the box to benefit from the crosses.

sure we were unlucky that Pelligrini and Dzeko did not convert their chances, but we were also lucky to get away with a point. personally I would've taken Cristante off for Kluivert in the second half and moved Zaniolo behind Dzeko and Pelligrini back next to Nzonzi, shifting back to 4-2-3-1 and worked from there, alas CL is lost.

also, there's no doubt that SES is Roma's best player in this disaster of a season and should have his contract extended and wage demands met.

as roma

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