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Originally Posted by mali View Post
anyway, to kill cersei, you have to pass the mountain, so i guess that his brother will be here along with arya. i hope that arya will not make the job as usual.
Jaime will be around, but they did screw him and Brienne with that ridiculous scene/dialogue. Not that I do think Brienne will stay home (Sansa will tell her to go, after all she has to defend Arya and since teleportation happens, she will be there in no time). Had them did the scene correctly, instead of trying to not give any clues if Jaime will kill or defend Cersei, they would just have him telling Brienne Cersei is pregnant. That would make sense in the "honor bound" mind of both. Then he would get his sword, run to Cersei and Arya would jump from behind the tree, Cersei will hold her by the neck, Arya will flip the knife to the other hand and stab Cersei to death. But no, probally some cliche like him dying with Cersei and sending a mesage to a now pregnant Brienne, with him killing Daenerys, so Jon can be the king and reveal that he have been always a cat person, not a dog person.

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