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Originally Posted by ToniSamp View Post
lol, that one would reach a new and higher level of absurdity.

About Sam, the fact that he survived the battle of Winterfell is one of the most unlikely facts of the episode. It is true that no one had to survive, given the exaggerate superiority in numbers of the wights, but while we can accept that people who can defend themselves might survive (and kill thousands in the meanwhile... lol, well, ok!), a person who can't defend himself and yet is in the battle should not survive. Similarly, it is not clear where was hidden the Onion Knight, if you think to all the sequences about Arya/the Hound/Beric escaping the zom... wights.
Arya surviving the Night King is even more absurd. The mountain is a toddler in comparison with his super-human strength, but maybe he somehow decided to be delicate with her throat... Smh!

Originally Posted by Dmitriy View Post
Athletic ability to spare, genius level mathematicians, invented the internet, invented russian language, incredibly attractive people, master carpenters, cultural richness to rival any country, musical artistry unsurpassed in Europe....

I'm not kidding here, and I've said it before, if you look deep down in your soul you'll realize that Romanians are master race.
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