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Originally Posted by Andrey View Post
Originally Posted by red View Post
Are you some Trump loving retard? I guess the EE comment set you off....

No, obviously not, and I have already stated that they are also instrinsically racist societies. There is also a lot to be said for the theory that PC culture allows latently racist people to cover up their prejudice with SJW offence slogans. I think there is a lot of truth to that, in fact.

But it is also sociological fact that countries that are more ethnically homogenous are more racist. East-West Germany is a perfect test case.
Wtf, i love Trump because i decided to remind you what kind of buffoon the oh so tolerant and educated american society decide to elect for president?!
Well, you could have added a bit of context....

I'll address the mother/monkey point another time

Originally Posted by Nacka View Post

It's not as if the centipede would have a functioning digestive system.

I could glue a couple of pieces of cardboard as wings onto my car, but I wouldn't call it a functioning flying car even if it would be able to "fly" 50 meters if I drove it at full speed off a cliff.
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