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Originally Posted by roadrunner View Post
I would not call it racism - which is a much abused word anyway and used far too casually - but pure barracking, like fans do to all players to try to put them off their game.

It is really getting tiresome when the great and the good are outraged by something which is, ultimately, harmless.

If no one commented about it, then the fans' behaviour would be regarded for what it is: barraking.
So baically heckling where you suggest someone is subhuman on the basis of their race.

There is a category difference between insulting someone's mother and suggesting they are a monkey because their skin is brown.

Wake the f**k up.

Originally Posted by Nacka View Post

It's not as if the centipede would have a functioning digestive system.

I could glue a couple of pieces of cardboard as wings onto my car, but I wouldn't call it a functioning flying car even if it would be able to "fly" 50 meters if I drove it at full speed off a cliff.

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