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Originally Posted by dpforever10 View Post
Ofcourse majority of fans can only dream of such success... it won't happen again as this cycle will be difficult to repeat... but then again why are Madridistas calling for Perez's head if they are okay with this season's outcome as an "odd" crash and burn season? A lot of things could've been dealt with better, let's see now how Perez fixes the club this summer...
Guys, after much reflection, I've accepted that this crash season was needed for us to be able attract and sign some real G players. The last couple of years, how many players apart from Neymar and Mbappe could we have signed that could've displaced our mid trio of Kroos, Modric, Kaso? or the offensive trio of Cr7, Benz, Bale? or the defensive line of Car-Ramos-Verane-Marcelo?

Any great players we signed would have to start on the bench, and no great player would want that.

However, after such a bad season, we can sign them cause now they know they can earn a starting position easier now.

We've had an extraordinary 5 years, and it is just right that we come back down to earth for one season. Let us all hope that Perez does what old Perez does, and go out and finally sign great players to bring us up again. We don't even need 5 or 7 new players, IMO. All we need is :
- a scorer ( Kane would be perfect)
- Neymar to provide the unbalance that 99% of today's players can't do
- a deep penetrating midfielder ( I would love Rabiot)
- a central defender ( a real sub to ramos or verane, cause Nacho and vallejo ain't it)
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