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Perez is at fault, I'm not absolving him.
He created this player power culture and Ramos talking back, was the zenith.

RM fans want to win 24/7, that's just how it is. Any fans moan when they don't win.

He seems obsessed with stadium renovation when fans want Ł on team regeneration.

Calling for his head is different to saying he is to blame above coach and players

When CR left and not replaced, I said March it would be over as CL elimination would happen. What you want in such a season it to discover and grow players

Llorente apart, no development on player front.

If no other reporting existed on Trump/Russia, the fact that the FBI started a CI investigation to determine whether or not the sitting president of the US was either comprised by or an agent of Russia, it would be the biggest political story...ever.

Soros is very, very rich and funds every SJW-cause imaginable. Those are facts, not a conspiracy.

I agree with him that this was a total setup
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