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Originally Posted by jani View Post
Is Leonardo a traitor?
Originally Posted by Inas_ View Post
I was once also beating the drum of "Pirlo traitor". But let's be honest, what was he to do? We practically sent him away. Juventus embraced him. And that's that. He was a bit bitchy or stupid in his book but most footballers aren't known for their brains.
See I never really considered Leo a traitor because he was really just a coach and we fired him. But Pirlo was on the pitch and an important player for us so I consider him a traitor because when a team gives you all the success Milan gave him you go oversea's or to a smaller team. We had just won the Scudetto and in many ways, I consider his work at Juventus the start of their current dominance. Yeah, Inas I know he was bitchy in his book but he didn't even seem like he cared about our colours talking about he needed motivation it sounded like what he had was personal against Milan. Anyway, I guess time does heal all wounds because I'm surprised that some would have wanted to come back here.
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