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Originally Posted by pavnedved View Post
It's nothing to be proud of, but in your case, it should be more concerning or, at the least, you shouldn't be defensive about it like your club.
I'm not defending it. I'm pointing out the irony and absurdity of a Juventus supporter trying to claim the moral high ground, which is hilarious, especially seeing as your fans targeted the exact same player. If you can't tell the difference between those things - exposing hypocrisy and defending reprehensible actions - then that's very much your problem.

Originally Posted by pavnedved View Post
It wasn't 100 Interisti or 1000, the small group you talk of was 10,000 Interisti racially abusing Koulibaly.
What the hell are you on about? I never said it was a small group. Try and stick to stuff people have actually posted here.

Originally Posted by pavnedved View Post
And your club's response was to act defensively (the fans the same as a consequence, as usual of course), and then, tell everyone to type buu and once again refuse to have the rule in place to have the cameras in the stadium pinpoint the perpetrators (which is what Juve proposed). Why?
OK, so should the club have acted "offensively"? If establishing an anti-racism initiative is "defensive" please tell me what an "offensive" or "neutral" initiative would look like. You seem to be an expert.

Originally Posted by pavnedved View Post

And also this...they actually try to do something about it and make some kind of contribution towards change: http://www.juventus.com/media/native/csr/Report_eng.pdf
While I'm sure this PDF has radically improved race relations across Italy, I fail to see how this sheeny-shiny PR effort is fundamentally different to Inter's sheeny-shiny PR effort.

Originally Posted by pavnedved View Post

Why do you think it's Inter's ultras who are "denying it" in statements and not others?
Because they are idiotic scum? We've been through this already..... Maybe they are slightly more idiotic than Juve's scum - I am willing to accept that as a possibility. I was simply pointing out the stupidity of Juve fans taking the moral high ground here.

Originally Posted by Nacka View Post

It's not as if the centipede would have a functioning digestive system.

I could glue a couple of pieces of cardboard as wings onto my car, but I wouldn't call it a functioning flying car even if it would be able to "fly" 50 meters if I drove it at full speed off a cliff.
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