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Originally Posted by Krle View Post
It's obvious regular football is a blessing for Maksa, he's getting his confidence back, but it's also clear Zile could use some of that same juice and to an extent, Lukic as well.
Originally Posted by zoric View Post
Lukić definitely needs to play on a regular basis. You can see it on his first touch and reactions with the ball.
Originally Posted by Dule View Post
Zivkovic has regressed in recent seasons, Gacinovic is useless where there’s no real system and ideas of style of play. Lukic could be good but he’s played 40 minutes of football all season.
I rate Zivkovic and Lukic but I agree with everyone about how important it is for young players to play regularly. Both guys lacked sharpness - their first touch was off and the confidence wasn't there - Zivkovic refusing to take his man on like he used to and Lukic with an uncharacteristic number of long balls. It's hard to tell how much of that was due to the horrible pitch but it's clear that other players were adjusting better. Both are at a key point in their development and need to find a club asap that will let them grow.

Originally Posted by milos View Post
Really the game was much of the same old under Krstajic but our defenders didn't make any retarded mistakes tonight so things seemed better. I just don't think he has any real plan when it comes to the tactics other then get the ball up to Mitar and hope for the best. I am encouraged by the development of some of our players but I have not seen the same development from our manager. Although he did get the subs right tonight which I will give him credit for. I'm happy that young guys are getting a chance to play in important games and I think that we will win this group but a lot needs to be improved before we will be able to compete against serious sides.
I think the Romania game should give us a better idea where the team is right now. Our match against CG was ugly but I won't be too critical because of the pitch and atmosphere surrounding the match. Our team defending as a whole was much better but the offense took a big step back, I think partly because we couldn't pass the ball on the ground on that terrible field.

Originally Posted by milos View Post
Veljkovic with his best game yet, kid can be a beast just has to avoid those concentration lapses.
It seems that him and Milenkovic are developing some familiarity and understanding with each other. Nice to have a good young CB partnership
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