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Leeds United - The El Loco Year(s) (2018 -)

Somehow Leeds managed to get El Loco to come manage this garbage fire of a club. I suppose after the Lille debacle, Bielsa needed a makeover too and agreed to do this.

How will this workout? Will Bielsa change English football at this level for good? Or will he flame out like he has at most of his recent jobs clashing with everyone in sight when things start going wrong. More likely a supernova level garbage fire is in the works.

Or will Bielsa win back to back divisions and lead Leeds to a PL vic.. . Fine it's too ridiculous to even type out.

But IMO it's the most watchable football story in Europe right now, where most of the big leagues are puke now.

PS: Don't move this to the Leeds forum where threads go to die.

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