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Originally Posted by Karim Benzema View Post
I try ti Ignore you
Cant you just ignore my rants?

My opinion on Ronaldo is not valuable
Everybody likes him bar me

That's all.responding to me indirectly like you did is so low.you are like a little rat

You have reputation in this forum i dont.i dont need it.ignore my future posts about Ronaldo (not that there will be some but ignore them,i am unimportant)

Bye now..and try no to reply to me indirectly while i absolutely ignored you for weeks cos i cant get on your level of simplicity.Ronaldo is your hero i have nothing against it.he is mot mine.as a matter of fact he holds no values that interest me.its simple

And if making me a mad man makes you feel better about your love for him.Sure ill be a man man too.

Peace out

And oh **** Ronaldo.okay? Bye now
Everyone tries to ignore you my dude... Let me just spoon feed you how you operated in this thread.

You rant about how awful Ronaldo and his fabricated fans are

Nabz - praises Ronaldo and criticises his haters w/o quoating you

I agree with him

Then you quote me "Thank god i am not like you...and i am pretty sure tet a tet ill make you shit in your pants"

Wouldn't you in my place, consider yourself somehow mentally? But I laughed it off.

Then you post:

"Seems like you are fan boys and he ja your role model"
"No different than all the kids like this Romanian kid here glorifying him,and even shitting on everything Real Madrid"
"For god sake they even blame Perez for his departure.i am assuming you two are also blaming Perez cos you know Ronaldo is this perfection of human being

Ermm, so who exactly ALWAYS starts with Ad Hominems? That's right my man... How can I not at least take into consideration that there's something wrong with you when in such a short time frame you forget your mishaps and blame others for them?

Then you make this post where you start by insulting others ,playing the victim card and inventing stuff up about me I mean seriously wtf?

If this^ does not make you realize that you are going trough a troubled period and should be more open minded, nothing will my dude. I tried my best, ciao.

Originally Posted by Dmitriy View Post
Athletic ability to spare, genius level mathematicians, invented the internet, invented russian language, incredibly attractive people, master carpenters, cultural richness to rival any country, musical artistry unsurpassed in Europe....

I'm not kidding here, and I've said it before, if you look deep down in your soul you'll realize that Romanians are master race.
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