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Originally Posted by Karim Benzema View Post
Seems like you are fan boys and he ja your role model
Nothing bad with that but in no way i will debate with you Ronaldo since you are no different to all those kids who are al over social media sayin they are abandoning ship

I can also sense that you like to diminish Bales contribution and probably all other players to worship Ronaldo

Good good
No different than all the kids like this Romanian kid here glorifying him,and even shitting on everything Real Madrid

For god sake they even blame Perez for his departure.i am assuming you two are also blaming Perez cos you know Ronaldo is this perfection of human being

Thank goooood Ronaldo left so all of you fan buys can switch to some reality show role models or since you said till death(whatever the **** that means) you can now be Juve fan? Great

Both of you.
ill stick to Real Madrid.Thanks
Hilarious post top to bottom. And with crystal clear psychological transparency, they way you shift everything that's wrong with you on others and constantly brag in a single post how much of a Madrid fan you are and others aren't(guilt?).

Like the guy who's been called a cule constantly throughout the years lol, same dude who talked shit about Perez out of nowhere assumes others had his deluded opinions(especially funny since not once in my entire life did I say something negative about Perez, nothign but praise for this man).
Even more so "shitting on everything Real Madrid" saying this to someone who on XT alone for almost a decade has hyped the shit out of everything that is RM and ALWAYS remained positive and supported all the players and the team decisions. On the other hand the "Real M.." agenda fan who bashed clubs legends including Zidane just to fit his obsessive hateful Ronaldo agenda and wished the club ill happenings just to see the greatest RM player ever out of the team.

The guys who always supported the team will forever be here KB, guys like you might as well wore the blaugrana shirt with the other obsessed CR haters.

Originally Posted by Dmitriy View Post
Athletic ability to spare, genius level mathematicians, invented the internet, invented russian language, incredibly attractive people, master carpenters, cultural richness to rival any country, musical artistry unsurpassed in Europe....

I'm not kidding here, and I've said it before, if you look deep down in your soul you'll realize that Romanians are master race.
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