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Originally Posted by kjose View Post
Spain loss this weekend has proven something I've been talking about with my friends. Keeping possession for the sake of keeping possession is useless. Isco needs to mature and let the ball go quicker, and be more daring going forward (Reason why I prefered James to him). I'm worried for Madrid next season, and I hope those young brazilians show their worth and give us more vertical running.
I wrote a little bit about this topic somewhere else, might as well posts it here:

As we all know, our new coach Lope is most probably going to drastically change the style of football played at the Bernabeu.

While I was watching Spain vs Russia yesterday I started talking with my father about Hierro‘s decision to drop Iniesta. We both agreed that Iniesta is not only one of the best midfielders of all time but that his style of play, the kind of midfielder he represents, is an absolutely essential part of successful possession football. He is capable of opening up teams that sit back deep with a creative pass, a dribbling in the center or on the flank, and with quick combination play in tight areas.

Now why am I writing this here? We have the two best central midfielders in the world in Toni Kroos and Luka Modric. With that being said their style of play is different to somebody like Iniesta. They are primarily not used to standing in front of the other teams box and making things happen. Of course they can do it but it‘s not where they are most comfortable at. I have watched them throughout their careers even before Real Madrid.

What does that mean for us? I can see teams sitting back vs us and making us suffer. We all know that Real Madrid has been having difficulty being creative vs teams who sit back. Mostly we relied on Marcelo and Carvajal bringing in crosses. I don't see this being our main tool under Lopetegui.

Now a player that‘s not very liked in here has been reportedly requested by Lope - Thiago Alcantara. There are very different opinions on him and I will not talk about his quality but about his style. He is not at the level of Modric and Kroos, not by a long shot. It might be possible that Lope sees in him the missing piece of the puzzle for his new team. He is not on Iniesta‘s level obviously, he would bring something into the mix that we don't have in our lineup. Is it possible that Lope wants Thiago to play an integral part of the first team?

So basically I am asking myself if possession football can successfully be played with Casemiro, Modric and Kroos. Will there be big changes in order to make it work? Or will Lope drop his philosophy in order to accommodate his style of play to the strengths of his new team? I am really curious and excited about the upcoming season.

What do you guys think?

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