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Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
so here's the thing. I came to this site a few years back and people like HS attacked me cause I spoke my mind on an Italian forum. I was actually supportive of their country and soccer, but I said they were heavily reliant of their defense...and throughout history its true...the majority of their best teams and players were defensive! HS then called me a troll...and has never once admitted I wasn't trolling, I was stating facts...makes me realize that our people go against their own, cause they can't handle someone knowing more than they do!

I mentioned I played at Velez, I was a second team player that was signed and trained with the first team. Now I have some yahoo's like Suho trying to poke holes in my comments by questioning me and what I said about myself. Our people are jealous of each other, I'm no longer baffled by that...but whats really surprising to me is that if I said Tudor was a disliked or a hated guy during his playing days, I'm immediately then questioned by Suho, as if to say hey..."your so-called source"? Like WTF dude, why would you think I'd come to this forum and lie about my Velez experience? don't you think I'd at least lie about being at Dinamo, like my buddy Dasovic did? you're so Goddam butt-hurt that someone might know more than you...and in this case, I definitely have far more knowledge about the game and this topic than you do, is that why you're upset? because I have achieved something you haven't?

Tudor is a knob...always has been and will always be! People that know him know that about him...its very common knowledge Suho!
Always a pleasure to read your words Maradona !!!!


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