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Originally Posted by ToniSamp View Post
The Italian media must lick the arse of the Juventini because there are too many and they cannot be disappointed with a sentence like "the penalty was hardly a scandal" and not even a neutral sentence such as "tough luck for Juventus" (they could have used it for Sampdoria!).
I wasn't aware all you anti-Juventini emigrated somewhere lol.

Also didn't know GdS, CdS, etc became pro-Juve all of a sudden.

lol what a post.

Originally Posted by Nerazzurri4life View Post
Relevant enough for your lot to continuously obssess/dream about matching what we achieved in 2010.
Attached image. You saved a pic of being made fun of? How many gigabytes is your anti-Juve folder?

Yeah, as I told you earlier in the thread, Derby d'Italia:

Originally Posted by pavnedved View Post
It should scar you too along with Caffe Herrera and players dropping dead from doping and buying refs in Europe to win CLs to even stealing a scudetto from Pro Vercelli in 1910.

As for now, I know it makes you feel better about a poor Inter to continually associate yourselves with us as if we're still competing, but it sounds silly. We think about Barca, Bayern, Real, and Napoli in league, not Inter other than laughing at occasional news/result and when Derby d'Italia comes along. Not banter, not trolling. Just how it is.
Not that I don't enjoy your using us as your coping mechanism or a way to stay relevant. I do.

Originally Posted by ToniSamp View Post
If I look around me, here in Torontino, I really can't see faces of people who could be defined... "satisfied". They are angry/hungry. Scudetto is like a fly when compared to the CL steak. If you suggested Juventus might win a CL not before another 10 years it is possible they would become cannibals and eat you alive.
After winning many domestic titles in a row, it's normal for focus to shift to Europe. That's natural progression. Don't get what's so special or abnormal about it.

Originally Posted by ToniSamp View Post
1 scudetto of Sampdoria = 100 scudetti of Juventus so you are more or less 65 scudetti behind.
Good, this is a sign of progress.

@Tigerheart You should play Mafia. Sign up in Lounge.
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