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Originally Posted by pele10brazil View Post
Was thinking about this for a while when trying to guess wich living philosophers will be "included in the HoF" of philosophy.(Chomsky maybe?) Wittgenstein thought that his book, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, is the last ever work on philosophy needing to be published and although he published latter works wich criticised ideas from the Tractatus, he was obviously on to something.

Most likely all major philosophical inquiries have been reflected and debated enough and the progress of philosophy(once slow because of dogmas) saw its most significant paradigm shift with the Age of Enlightenment. Now, fields like evolutionary biology and neuroscience shed light on questions such as the meaning of life, the nature of love or morality and it's here where we probably find the end(or future) of philosophy.
After DZG mentioned Sam Harris in another thread, I read a bit about him and he's currently researching the possibility of establishing a moral code by mapping the neural responses in various situations.(far-future discovery but still interesting)

So I think philosophy is no longer something that evolves in tandem with society, but needs to be replaced by special sciences, or we'll just end up pulling mental gymnastics to come up with something "new" and edgy.

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