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76) 05 Maggio 2002: Self-explanatory. No comments needed!
77) The day we signed Rui Costa. I particularly remember that day as that got me literally high the whole day. I knew that this signing was the beginning of a new era! And Il Musagete has not dissapointed since with countless breathe-taking and crucial assists.
78) Derby d'andata season 2001-2002: 3 goals in what? 9 minutes or something like that? I was in 8th Heaven that day while watching the match alone at home, everyone wondering whether I had gone bozo...
79) Summer 2002: the day we signed Sandro Magno. On August 30th, I stayed up all night until the transfer was officialised. It was 3:30 am in here when it was finally on the official site. When I saw the magic little message saying "L'AC Milan comunica di avere firmato il difensore laziale Alessandro Nesta..." I screamed so hard I almost woke up everybody, resulting in me getting almost kicked out of the house for un-appropriate behaviour ...
80) September 26, 2002: Riazor. The New Milan stream-rolling and giving a lesson of football to the whole Europe. But what I would never forget from that memorable day, was that unbelievable and breathe-taking bicycle save from Sandro Magno on the line, right in front of a Depor player who had just a mere tap - in to score a vital goal for the Spaniards. That save alone was worth the 32 Million Euros of his transfer!!! FORZA SANDRO!!!!
81) A week later, in the fearsome Olimpiastadion of Munich. Against Bayern. Il Diavolo gives an imperial lesson of cynism and realism. Cuore di Drago and Sandro Magno IMMENSI. Il Pippo Show continues... As the Gazzetta was title: La ditatura rossonera. The only positive and allowed type of dictature ever worth supporting!
82) November 29 2002: The Derby of Europe: Milan - Real. La Scala del Calcio. Probably the most mind blowing assist I've ever seen by Il Musagete to split completely open the Merengue defence and what a cool finish by Lo Tzar!
83) 2nd leg of the CL 1/4 final against Ajax. San Siro. 93rd minute. Until SuperPippo accomplishes the miracle that not even the most fanatic and optimistic of the lads in the FDL such as Tino, Gino, Mino, Lino and co would have even dreamt of. Un pallonetto suave just above the Ajax keeper and right under the cross bar that opens the gate to the next round for us. I have rarely in my life felt such a strong and intense feeling that after that moment. Simply I was left speechless, with no force left. I was lying on the floor with my face against the carpet, trying to catch my breathe. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
84) 13 Maggio 2003: The Trilogy is complete! Euro Derby: Sheva scoring probably the most important Derby goal after the one scored by Attila. Simply the sweetest derby ever. IMO even more than the Tennis Game. And to make things even sweeter, watching Zanetti, that animal of Materazzi crying made it even more delicious.
85) May 28, 2003. Manchester. One moment that I will never forget: just prior to taking the decisive penalty kick, Sheva, looking at the ref, then at Buffon, then again at the ref, and again at Buffon and finally nodding as if to say to himself: "Ok, I'll take care of business" and then, runs and shoots and sends all of us Milanisti into a state of transe. Before he took his shot, I closed my eyes and started praying like rarely I've done in my life. I was in a bar in downtown Toronto, with mostly Gobbi and only me and a couple of English fans rooting for Milan. I closed my eyes and once I heard the silence in the room and a few poetic "vafa" from around me, from the Juventini, I knew that it was over and that we were the European Champions. I started crying like a baby and shouted several times "Sheva!Sheva!Sheva!". I wanted to grab at the big screen and kiss the screen each time they were showing him. The heavy partying and celebrations that ensuied would forever be in my mind, heart and soul. GRAZIE VENTO DI PASSIONI!GRAZIE RAGAZZI!!! The sweetest of all the CLs for me, won after beating not only all the top guns in Europe and convincingly but also and above all, the Cugini and the Gobbi. The top of the top!!!That CL is like worth 5 for me!
86) Watching Buffon diving on his right and Sheva sending the ball where no Buffon or anybody else could stop the ball.
87) Standing on top of the table at the bar and shooting to the room full of Gobbi and Perdenti: SIAMO NOI, SIAMO NOI, SIAMO NOI, I CAMPIONI DEL'EUROPA SIAMO NOI!!!!!
A few days later: the icing on the cake: Coppa Italia. The celebrations. The whole atmosphere. Unforgettable. Each time I think of that period, I get goosebumps and tears of pride. Only Milan can do that!
88) First day of the Serie A season 2003-04: the play made by Kaka for the 2nd goal in Ancona. Simply sublime. Sombrero on the defender. Acceleration to go past 2 defenders. Then genial through ball for Cafu whom gives it straight to Sheva who finishes it smoothly. Gol da antologia!
89) Derby d'andata: Kaka show continues. 3-1.
90) Sheva's 100th goal with Milan. Against Chievo. 100 altri di queste perle Vento di Passioni!!!
91) While the whole Italian media are pondering how many goals will Capello's unstoppable Roma are going to score past this Milan in crisis, Carletto's ragazzi give a resounding lesson of football and maturity to an incredule packed Olimpico. A demonstration of ultimate force and strength da Campioni d'Europa! Nor Capello nor Roma would ever recover from this trauma...
92)Derby di ritorno: Down 0-2 at half time totally against the run of the play, the ragazzi make a formidable come back. First JDT. Then, Il Bimbo di Oro in a superb shot in one of these deadly runs that only he has the secret. And finally, the icing on the cake. The one for god knows what reason was named Calamity Clarence by the Inter fans during his spell there, turns on the show and the heat with an unstopable long distance missile. Toldo at full stretch helpless and hopeless. La Curva Sud explodes. So do I. GRANDE CLARENCE!!!
93) Tiziano Crudelli's (Milanisita TV commentator) almost passes out after Clarence's winning goal. His screams" E allora? E allora? E allora? E allora? E allora?" is among the most unforgettable comments I've ever heard. Also worth mentionning, the face and expression of the Inter commentator sitting just beside him. That expression alone was worth a million bucks!!!!
94) Delle Alpi. Against the Gobbi. A superb 3-1 victory. Full of authority which completely swept the mighty Juve. In their stadium. The Clarence show continues...
95) We all know how surprising was the ending, however, the first leg was one of the most beautiful matches by Milan I've seen in a long time. Reminded me of the Milan of Gli Immortali of Don Sacchi at times with the way they were stream-rolling on the opposition which was left helpless. I'm talking about the first leg against Deportivo that we onlywon 4-1....could have and should have well been 6-1 or even 7-1. One perfectly valid goal by Pippo ruled out and at least 3-4 clear through balls with clear scoring chances one on ones non-offside by the same judge line that had screwed Manchester in the previous round...But what a match! What a 20 minutes spell which was like a tornado sweeping everything in its path. The Devil's wrath anhiliating completely the Spaniards. Amazing game. Kaka's 2 beauties. Sheva's fumnambulesque slalom and Andrea's geometria. Superb overall match!
96) Milan-Roma: Scudetto # 17! A record breaking season. Every remaining records left in the history of Serie A broken. GRAZIE RAGAZZI!!!!
97) I'd like to spend a few words on the amazing, beautiful and always original and funny choregraphies and chants of la Curva Sud. The best and most faithful group of fans in the whole world. Special mention to these striscione:
Dedicated to our Cugini:


(Presidente, do you have a pic of that striscione? as I can't find it...)


Dedicated to the Gobbi:

Post Manchester:

98) Hearing the lyrical, marvelous, beautifully synchronized songs of the Curva Sud each time gives me the goosebumps even overhearing them on the back ground on tv. So I can only imagine how hypnotizing those songs and anthems can be live at the Scala del Calcio.
99) Looking back in time, one of the recurring images I'll never forget is to see Kaiser Franz with just raising his hand, putting the entire opposing team offside. The offside trap during Sacchi and Capello's era was of the purest form of ballet and synchronized swimming together. Pure class!
100) Of course, such a list would not be complete without HIM. Massimo Moratti. More commonly known and referred to (if not revered!) as Uno di Noi! God Bless Him and may he be there for ever!

I'm sure I have forgotten a lot of other great moments and memories. Summarizing 100 years of history is never an easy task, specially when it comes to our beloved Milan. One could very easily write an entire encyclopedia about it and an entire chapter on each of these events. So all apologies if I have left out any thing and I am well aware I did left out some, either on purpose than accidently. Feel free to add your own list, maybe not 100 reasons, but at least a top 10 or 20 (which should be a piece of cake for any self respecting true Milanista!).

Perhaps the most important reason that life is worth living as a Milanista is that no matter what, we can always walk up with our heads up high and proud of our team, our history, tradition, our legacy. Proud to have such a beautiful team, such a tradition of combining winning and with style in these days of cynical and efficient football. Proud to have some of the biggest names in football history. Proud to have had a long line of amazing captains. Proud to have a club which is more than just a club, but more like a family, a group of friends and brothers fighting for the same cause: the Rossonera cause! And last but not least, proud to be able to have a large grin and happy face each time we see an Interista or someone with an Inter or Juve jersey. I have the luck of meeting quite a few of them here and each time, it gives me a huge grin and makes me feel very good.

I'm convinced that the ragazzi will continue the tradition of winning and entertaining, which has alwaws been the policy of our club. I'm already missing the Champions Cup..Plus, we need to get our 2nd asap as well.



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