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Originally Posted by Nepoznat View Post
I laughed / loved it!

@ForzaFiume I joined BigSoccer the same time as XtraTime after finding both when googling "Halilovic Croatia or Bosnia" so definitely could be that one (but there I was posting in the Bosna sub-forum which is where the Halilovic thread was)
The above quote on you gave me a chuckle. It reminded me about what they do (or rather what they did) with the mafia back in the day. You could be Italian but if you weren't from Sicily or Calabria, you couldn't be a part of the mafia

Sames goes with the CM job here. Unless you're from Dalmacija, Hercegovina, Zagorje, Slavonia, etc. you can't be a CM. Posters from Istra/Gorski kotar/Kvarner need not apply

Još Hrvatska ni propala dok mi živimo,
visoko se bude stala kad ju zbudimo.
Ak je dugo tvrdo spala, jača hoće bit,
ak je sada u snu mala, će se prostranit.


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