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Originally Posted by croatian batman View Post
The endorsement of boycotter and wanna be Jew posters surely the kiss of death for my candidacy

Our forum is kinda like Croatians all over the world. We're always bickering and fighting. I remember as a kid I always felt we we're so together when Yugoslavia was around and even more so during the war. It's an odd thing when you don't have independence you're always more together that dream all kept us close. I say in order to make this forum great again we try to recreate that situation. I say we have an exclusive Serb CM run the forum with a phony Dimitri Medved like Croatian to be his FM lap dog or maybe some foriegner like our Hungarian friend. We would all for the most part hate it and bitch endlessly. We'll have no choice but to agree and be nicer.

All kidding aside I think Suho and Barbara have done a fine job. I always feel the best forums are the ones least regulated (capitalism!). The less you notice a FM the better. For all our wide ranging disagreements and fights we're all still here. I've been around here for well over a decade now and believe me this place was a much much worse place back then. There were plenty of CM/FM with agenda's the old political forum was basically a horror show of garbage. Still needs work (Free Maiden) but we're better.
Isn't Maiden back?

Anyway I think we need to somehow get more people interested in posting in our league forum. It used to be the bees knees back in the day. Now the Dinamo forum is me and Pivo chatting to each other with the occasional visitor. And I know there are more Dinamovci here. In fact aren't you one? Same goes for our clubs in europe thread.

Then again, I guess I understand people's lack of interest in the league as well.

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