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Macedonia should play Australia

Macedonia should come to australia and play the Australian NT, what are your thoughts.

Also we should get FK Rabotnicki to play against some A-Leque teams, Sydney FC , Melbourne Victory and even Adelaide, there will be some big crowds.
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I wish, there was a few times I heard about Macedonia v Australia couple of years ago. Dont think it'll happen..
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Macedonia coming to Australia!? dont dream lads, we dont have money to go to Austria for a friendly, not to mention the very far Australia. A friendly can only hapen if Australia come here. We played once in Skopje and Australia won 1:0.
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Yeah, back in 97/98 Vidmar was the scorer. I know it was Aloisi's and Skoko's debut games.
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Yeah would be nice, Australia have a good team.

I remember Vardar came to Australia a while ago, Naum would remember this more than me. I think they played against some of the Macedonian local teams in Melbourne like Preston or Altona and I think Vardar also played against a NSL team Wollongong Wolves? I dont remember much but I know Vardar did come down to Australia.

"We never needed any leg-ups from anyone, in fact I donít think there ever were any. We always played our best, beating the best sides; we deserved those titles on the pitch. Itís not fair the players, and the fans, should pay." Pavel Nedved - Legend!
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Vardar and Pobeda have been in Australia for winter preperations onece.. Long time ago Pobeda wos on visit, about 12 years ago, Vardar wos in Australia february 2002 say my memory. Vardar did beat Preston Lions 5-3, Vardar also playd an Macedonian team from the lower victoria leagues, Result wos 6-1 or 6-2 but i forgott the name of the team. Then Vardar moved from Melburne to Sydney Vardar and playd against Rockdile Ilinden (forgott result), then they playd two games against NSL teams (today named A-League) they playd 1-1 with Marconi Stalions and won 2-1 against Wollongong, they did not play the City Lions from Sydney..
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Pelister also played Rockdale in 2001 winning 3-0.
Then again Pelister also got kicked out of Australia.
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It wos in late December 2002 and not february, so it wos about 4 years ago Vardar wos in Australia..
Понеделник 12/16/2002

Вардар, турнеја во Австралија
Висока победа на Вардар над Македонија Престон

Екипата на нашиот шампион Вардар во Мелбурн го одигра и вториот натпревар во рамките на турнејата во Австралија на кој го совлада тимот на Македонија Престон со 5:3 (на полувреме 4:2). Бугаринот Петков беше главниот играч на натпреварот постигнувајќи три гола. Тој имаше помош од Спасовски и Ристовски кои постигнаа по еден гол. Македонија Престон е најквалитетната екипа која е составена во главно од наши иселеници. До крајот на турнејата "вардарци" ќе одиграат уште три натпревари и тоа со Маркони, Волонганг Вулфс и Илинден Рокдејлс. Во првиот натпревар од оваа турнеја тимот на Вардар ја победи екипата на Македонија Џајантс со 6:2.

Вардар - Престон 5-3
Вардар - Македонија Џајантс 6-2
Вардар - Илинден Рокдејлс 1-0
Вардар - Маркони 1-1
Вардар - Волонганг Вулфс 3-1

Минимална победа над Илинден Рокдејл

Во неделата играчите на Вардар во третиот натпревар на турнејата во Австралија го совладаа Илинден Рокдејл со минимални 1:0. Во интересен натпревар "вардарци" успеале да ја совладаат екипата на нашите исленици со голот со глава на Драган Начевски. Екипата на Илинден Рокдејл е послаба по квалитет од Македонија Престон, но "вардарци" минимално победиле најверојатно поради заморот од одигрување два натпревари за два дена. Од завчера нашиот шампион се наоѓа во Сиднеј каде ќе ги одигра двата последните два натпревари, со Вулонганг Волвс во среда и со Маркони во сабота, по што ќе се вратат во Македонија.

Did not faind the rest of the results in the arkive since they did not report more but i think the results where 1-1 and 3-1..

Some lions fans did comment the Lions-Vardar game..

Preston Lions 3 - 5 FK Vardar

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(12/15/02 9:44 pm)
disappointing turnout guys, but an excellant performance shown by the preston squad. In terms of fitness, jonsy has to work the guys hard, but they still have till the 8th of February until they play their first match. Also the disipline has to be worked on. If Vardar played in the VPL they would need a new starting 11 each week, just proves that the VPL is one of the toughest leagues in the country. This is the squad that we should stick with next season, although Pasi looked a little shaky in goals, but apart from that it's all good. Mancevski looks like he's going to play a vital role up front with sapa. Well it was worth the drive from dandy

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(12/14/02 11:05 pm)
Reply unprofesional..
How unprofesional was the Vardar team today. They argued about every decision made by the referee, their coach Djoko Hagievski camo on the ground arguing with the players. I mean come on they are a team that has competed in Europe.

I was very dissapointed the way the conducted themselves.

About the game well we put 3 goals past them at least.


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(12/14/02 11:33 pm)
Reply Vardar e Shampion!!

Vardar showed that they are a class above Preston with some fine skills and some good goals i thought the Tupan Slavcho Georgievski played realy well and Petkov with the Hatrick came in handy.

As for Preston they put up a good fight but their discipline was terrible some of the challanges where shocking especialy that penalty at the end when he took the players legs out i can see now why Vardar didnt wanna play with a full team when a challange like that could injure a player so its best to give the youngsters a run and they played realy well.

I think Preston should work more on their fitness because they where realy tired towards the end even though they played a good opponent still they should use this pre season to get back into fitness because we still got a good side Manchevski again looked sharp at the front so lets see how it goes.

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(12/15/02 9:45 am)
Reply unprofessional

Though we lost 5-3 there are many positive pionts we can take from this game, from what I saw we will do very well this season if the team applies itself like it did in the first 25 minutes, but having said that we must improve the midfield, it is impossible for our forwards nad defence to be involved in the game if the midfield doesn't help out, sure we conceded 5 goals, but how many of them were th e result from lack of pressure from our midfield.

As I said apart from that I am very pleased with the BOY's considering that it is still Pre Season. Another point to make is this, realistically at this stage in our Pre Season Vardar should be able to beat us comfortably as they are all match fit and most important of all they are professionals (though watching the game and seeing how they all acted it didn't show) and I for one would not mind having a couple of their reserve players staying behind.

All in All I enjoyed the game and the performance by the Lions, though I was very dissapointed by the turnout.

.........LIONS FORWARD.......

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(12/15/02 12:04 pm)
Reply division
It was a great game, worth the admission rate without doubt...

Only one thing dissapointed me and that was the internal fighting between Macedonians...
chants such as "celo Skopje shiptari" among others, although perhaps in good fun drawing from the rivalries overseas, are something that we really dont need.
Im not attacking the people who did it, im simply referring to the element which does exist within the Macedonian community (which caused such behaviour) that shouldn't be there.
Our country, and subsequently, our club are being attacked left, right and centre and it is Macedonian Unity which must be stressed above all else. Internal bickering, be it serious, or otherwise still reflects on us in a negative way.

Other than that, 8 goals...with Sapa proving he's still got the touch!

Another thing which caught my eye was those kickarse custom made "no one likes us and no one cares" shirts. Anybody know where those were made?!

Should be a successful season on the way for the Reds!

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(12/15/02 12:27 pm)
Reply Vardar e eden!

well said i thought it was a great game at times i was realy impressed by the tupan he was excellent its good that Vardar has the youngsters cumming up and doing well and its good to see Preston put up a good fight i thought they did realy well but their discipline at times was very poor and they need to understand that its cruitial that they dont injure any players in the game but Vardar looked so good out on the counter attack it was great to see also the passing of the ball was very good and the controlling of it so Preston did realy well considering the fact that Vardar had at least 70% of the ball Preston took their chances wich was suprising and positive if we play like this during the season i cant realy see any team beating us unless they do realy well we just need to get our fitness back into gear.

As for the goals it doesnt matter Preston is a professional and a good club so they shouldnt be supprised about that you see weak teams in europe beating clubs like Man Utd look at Brescia for example they are in relogation status and they beat Juve 2-0 and handed them their first loss of the season so anything is possible in soccer the worst team has the ability to beat the best team its not how good you are its how good you play on the day and in my opinion Preston did very well considering the chances they had it was great to see.

As for those shirts they look sick but how did the adidas logo come into it???? i reacon Preston should be sponsored by adidas they would at least make the shirts look good.

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(12/15/02 9:48 pm)

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(12/15/02 11:22 pm)
Reply how many?!
how many supporters were there and was there any atmosphere!?

ACKO mod
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(12/16/02 7:19 pm)
Reply .
Hey boys. Just to say that the webmaster should send the report about the game to the soccervenues website. It would be good to get some exposure for both of the teams.

As for the fighting between supporters thats not fighting its just alittle piss taking. Nobody takes it seriously but a little fun.


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(12/16/02 9:22 pm)
Reply Vesti od Makedonija
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I totaly forgott that Pelister wos in Australia, so that makes it 3 teams. Pelister/Pobeda and Vardar, and since i forgott Pelister i maybe did forgett one more ?
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my cousin brought out pelister, and they played sydney olyimpic (greeks)
but the game was abandoned because of a spitting incedident from one of the pelister players. no second half.

also they played bankstown lions, and preston .

i would love to see FK Rabotnicki play against some A-Leque teams, Sydney FC , Melbourne Victory and even Adelaide there would be good crowds as the macedonian population would love to see a match like this.

i wonder how much will be the cost to get rabotnicki out to australia in there off season.
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Originally Posted by mak
my cousin brought out pelister, and they played sydney olyimpic (greeks)
but the game was abandoned because of a spitting incedident from one of the pelister players. no second half.
Exactly and here is what they wrote about it in Vest:

Симон Микалеф, ја опишува спорната 53. минута и досудениот пенал, по што повеќе фудбалери на Пелистер го обиколиле и почнале да го туркаат. "Повторно се повлеков и тогаш капитенот, број 5, Митко Стојковски, ми пријде и протестираше со изразот дека според неговото мислење јас сум идиот , со невкусно покажување со прст преку слепочница. Капитенот продолжи и на англиски јазик, направи фаул и употреби навредливи зборови од околу две јарди растојание, велејќи: "Еби се","Ти си ебано луд", "Ти си ебано глуп" и продолжи да го повторува ова на понижувачки и навредлив начин", вели судијата Микалеф.

По доделувањето на црвениот картон на Стојковски, кон судијата се втрчале четворица други играчи, меѓу кои едниот бил Николче Стисниовски, а другиот Игор Талевски. "Барем тројца од овие играчи ми плукнаа директно в лице. Дел од плуканката заврши и во моите очи. Немав друга опција туку да се оддалечам од казнениот простор кон средишната линија и тогаш сигнализирав дека играта е завршена. Како што се приближувавме кон тунелот проектили, вклучувајќи и стакло, беа фрлани од страна на публиката". На крајот на својата изјава, главниот судија Симон Микалеф го обвинува и официјалното лице на Пелистер дека на полувремето му се заканувал и го удирал неговиот помошник Алекс Спирковски поради тврдење дека пропуштил офсајд.
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Crvena Zvezda also came here, in Perth. I went to that match. I think in 2001.
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Crvena Zvezda also playd against Preston Lions, it wos in the year 2001 as well, it wos on the same tour.. Game ended with a 2-2 suprise. I have seen pictures of the game (still left on pecalbari supporter webpage) wos not many people at all on the game, a bit wired one a team like Zvezda play..
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Btw i also think it will be good with an Australia-Macedonia game in Sydney or Melburne, not that Australia is an attractive soccer NT name but by the fact that for sure there will be 10.000 and maybe or should i say for sure even more Macedonian fans on place and the reccord with Macedonia fans on a away game from 1995 (5.000 in Denmark) will be beaten, i could bett my life that the reccord will gett beaten... If game are playd in Sydney many macedonians will tarvel from melburne and maybe even Perthe (prity long way for Perthe people however) and vice versa..

Can someone help me track down all Macedonian clubbs in Australia, i know some of them..

Macedonian Clubbs in Australia:

Bankstown City Lions (Elit Team) NSW
Canberra Macedonia (lower DIV) NSW
Yagoona Macedonia (Lower DIV) NSW
Sydney Makedonia SC (former Elit team) NSW
Rockdale City Suns (Aka Rockdale Ilinden) (Elit Team) NSW
Altona Magic FC (Aka Altona Vardar) (Elit Team) VPL
Plenty Valley Lions (Aka Lerin FC) VPL
Stirling Lions FC (Elit team) Perth
Wollongong United FC (Lower DIV) VPL
Newcastle Suns FC (Lower DIV) NSW
Preston Lions (Aka Preston Makedonia) (Elit Team) VPL
Makedonija Gaints (Lower DIV) NSW or VPL
Kingborough Lions (Lower DIV) Southern Tasmania

(Fairfield City Lions (????)
Inter Lions (????)
Lalor United SC (????)
North City Lions SC (???)
Boroondara Lions FC (???)
I,m not sure of this clubbs, they all play in lower of the VPL everything from DIV2 to Div4.. I,m almost 100% that at least 1 or 2 of this are Macedonian clubbs by the names..

Then you have two clubbs who are not Macedonians but yet Macedonian clubbs.

Heidelberg United SC (Elit Team) VPL
founded by Macedonian speaking greeks who think they are greeks, funny is that they speak Macedonian and yet dont realize that they are not greeks..

Fawkner-Whittlesea (Elit team) VPL
Not owned by Macedonia and not founded by Macedonians but today play not less then 10 Macedonian players for the team + the very known X player John Markovski in Australia is coach of the team.

A part from all this teams you have a lot of macedonian players in other team around Australia, well almost all teams in VPL have 1 Macedonian at least if not more, in teams like Marconi Stallions you have Macedonians and many others none Macedonian teams as well, NSW and other places you have many many macedonian players..

Also some Macedonian play in the A-Liga..
Perth Glory:
Stan Lazaridis
David Micevski
Aleks Vrteski
Naum Sekulovski
Bobby Despotovski (think he is no longer with the team however)
Blagoja Celeski

Queensland Roar FC:
Spase Dilevski (Spase is 21 and have been in the youths of PSV,Tottenham and playd for Essen in Germany)
Sasa Ognenovski

Daniel Vasilevski ???

Sydney FC
Sasho Petrovski

Lou Acevski GK last year playd in the A-Liga, this year signed with Preston Lions but its seem he will make an move to Czech Republic

Since he is in europ maybe Katanec should give him an call ??

I did look at the deferant federations (made an investigate) in states in Australia and what i did faind today is that wictoria is the biggest federation out side the australia FA, some federations are like jokes compered with Wictoria and dont have many teams involved e,t,c.. NSW state Federation where Ilinden and Bankstown City Lions play as elit teams are prity good organized as well , however not as bigg good as Wictoria...
In Victoria who are the biggest and best organize federation right after the Australia FA federation, in Wictoria state you have the Premiere Liga, then State liga DIV 1, then State Liga DIV 2 Nothe West, State Liga Div2 South-East, State Liga Div 3 North-West, State Liga Div 3 South-East.. Then you have Provisional League Div 1,Provisional League Div 2 and Provisional League Div 3... So you have to make a lot of travel to make the Vodafone VPL Premiere League so its not easy and you will need to go through a lot of Leagues in the liga system to make the Premiera League. State liga DIV 1 is the second higest competition in Wictoria state as you can understand... As exampel in the Wictoria state you have far bigger liga system then the liga system in Macedonia, and also far more team are involved in the liga system then in Macedonia where we only have Prva liga, then Vtora liga and then (5) Treta liga regions + some village reagions who make up what we can say Cetvarta Liga... However and on the other hand Macedonia only have 2 million inhabitant and Wictoria have i think 5 million inhabitant witch is 3 million more so its not wired..
Wictoria also have its own National Team who are on tours sometimes..
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Victorian Premier League is the biggest after A-League and is obvious by this page with world wide liga tables, they only care about the A-League and VPL Table

Altona on 2 place last year before Lions..

There is TV Shows and Radio Shows about the VPL Premier League and also you can make online betting on 3 betting companys on VPL Premier League games, one of them are Betandwin who have VPL on the menu.. They only have A-League and VPL regulary on the betting menu and sometimes some NWS on the betting menu.. Pritty fanny to bet since you have many Macedonian teams you can bet on so i do it from time to time..

There is info on some of the teams on wikpedia, some of the teams have webpages as well..

Some have webpages as well, bothe Elit clubbs and lower DIV clubbs. Preston have some realy good stuff..

Preston Lions (the new webpage)

Preston Lions (The old webpage)

Preston Lions (new Forum) (not the 10 years old forum i posted last day)

This forum have Total Members: 656 Members

History Page

Preston Lions (unoficell webpage)

Fan Page (Lionspride)

Fan Page (Lions Pecalbari)

Altona Magic

Bankstown City Lions (fan forum of Bankstown)

Total Members: 811 Members (thats more then Preston forum)

Newcastle Suns

Rockdale City Suns

Wollongong United FC

Stirling Lions

Plenty valley lions
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Бев на Македонија-Австралија 0:1, според играте и шансите требаше да ги згазиме.
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Inter Lions is definately not Macedonian...i think their of Italian background. I played against one of the junior sides when i was about 15....They sport the same strip as Inter Milan.


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I have no clue about them, i faind several Lions teams that i wos unsure about as i told above in the poast but sure one of the 5 in lower DIV are macos among the 5..

Since the low that Australian FA made about orgin names the macedonian teams in general use Lions or Sun as ending and is prity obvious why since its symbolize with Macedonia so its a littel trick against Australia FA.. However Altona Magic did not changed to Lions or Sun, they changes from Vardar to Magic.
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i know club Pelister Pasco Valley, klub na Vlashkite Makedonci. Also Sloga from Melbourne, i don't under which name they're now.

Лавови Ѓорче Петров
Ф.К. Македонија Ѓорче Петров
Reason to live for - F.K. Makedonija Gj.P., the pride of our city, Gjorche Petrov
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Originally Posted by Solun
i know club Pelister Pasco Valley, klub na Vlashkite Makedonci. Also Sloga from Melbourne, i don't under which name they're now.
That would be the 2nd Pelister team behind the one in Sweden.
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