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INA(DEI) - VAN BEUKERING-11, Ramang-11, Bambang Pamunkongas-11, Soentero G.-12 A.Nawir-12, Kurniawan Yulianto-12, Van Dijk-12, Paslah-12 (Witarsa, Solussa, C.Gonzales, Tan Mo Heng, Kartiko, Lilypaly Abdul Kadir, Putro)

Should be IDN (IHO)
Jhon van Beukering is a fat ass who can't run, only making 1 cap (and another unofficial cap) for Indonesia, surely can't be considered as a legend.
My taking for players from 1989-now (that I see directly by by own eyes)
Bambang Pamungkas-11
Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto-11
Boaz Solossa-11
Bima Sakti-12
Robby Darwis-12
Ricky Yacobi-12
Widodo Cahyono Putra-12
Cristian Gonzales-12
Rochy Putiray-12

Pre-war players, playing in WC 1938
Achmad Nawir-12
Tan Mo Heng-12

50's players, other than van der Vin, playing in Olympic 1956
Nol van der Vin-11
Maulwi Saelan-11
Aang Witarsa-12
Thio Him Tjiang-12
Tan Liong Houw-12
Ramli Jatim-12

60's players
Soetjipto Soentoro-11
Abdul Kadir-11
Jacob Sihasale-12

70's players
Ronny Pasla-12
Ronny Pattinasarani-11

80's players
Bambang Nurdiansyah-12
Herry Kiswanto-12


About Li Wai Tong and Cheung Chi Doy, I think you make the right call here.
Both are Hong Konger, but Wai Tong played for Rep of China in 1936 Olympic and coach ROC (later on become Taiwan/Formosa/Chinese Taipei) from 1948 to the 50's.
Chi Doy played for Rep of China in the 60's.

China PR (China) acknowledged the "Rep of China" game before 1949 as theirs (not historically true, but nonetheless).
While Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) acknowledged the "Rep of China" game after 1949 as theirs.
In both cases, most of the players are not actually Chinese, most are Cantonese from Hong Kong (and a few players from South East Asian overseas community).

Nulli Secundus in Oriente

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