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Originally Posted by Fagyi View Post
That's what she complained to me night after night. So it's good news for her :-)

Don't want to keep going on about it but down the years I was here for everyone talking through their problems. Now in the last couple of years people couldn't care less.

That's why I've always had the up most respect for you, major!

I always took the time out for you and you do the same for me.

But I can easily name 30-40 people I've spent helping them and I don't even get a "how you feeling" message when I've been seriously ill (twice could have been fatal). Can't help to feel bitter about that.
Illnesses all pass Fagyi, your's will too once the doctors fixing what needs it. You'll look back at 2016 and say with pride: "conquered the illness" What's the prognosis of the case? Hope it's not too bad.
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