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We're all fully Lebs, thru and thru (unfortunately )

One cool thing, is my maternal Grandfather was a General in the Army. He held the highest authority that he could within the confessional Lebanese system (i.e. at that time only Christian Maronites could earn the top military ranks) - so he, being a Muslim (Shi'a too, back then a fourth class citizen) was big achievement in reaching such a high rank.

His house, now inherited by his Turkish second wife, (first one died in the 1960s) is full of military medals, uniform, rifles, hand pistols, plaques and ceremonial swords. My dream is to inherit them and take care of them for memory's sake. His grandchildren are all scattered across the globe and couldn't give a rat's ass, including the first child of the eldest son named after grandpa...

Paternal grandfather was an investment banker. Rumors say he had many other wives, and was a freemason ...no idea how true that is. I'm only aware of him when he was 80-something, and he was a devout religious person having done Hajj 3 times.

My ancestors from my dad's side apparently hail from Basrah in Iraq. Other than that i have no f*cking clue about my ancestry.

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