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Originally Posted by Morierinho View Post

I had a hard time understanding the international (and domestic) hype about The Killing and Borgen, but that 1864 really is in a whole new league when it comes to sucking balls, imo. Maybe it's a reverse language barrier of sorts. Though critics in Denmark didn't like 1864 very much, unlike the other two.
Perhaps, but in my case it could be more about the setting. My fav era of history is probably when wars were fought in huge line battles with muskets.

And I wanted to get the context before the final massive battles.

It wasn't anything special, even I could tell, but there was many little things in the show that got me hooked. Things thay made me forgive the cheesy parts. For example I liked the interaction between the gypsy whore and the old blind man, plus Danish language is intriguing. The story was a bit predictable, but the dialogues were good.
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