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Originally Posted by Nero View Post
We paid 20m for Morata and he did not start the season as a starter either.
More than anything that was because he got injured long term in pre-season training.... it certainly wasn't Llorente or anyone else non-Tevez being too hot to handle.

Originally Posted by Nero View Post
Why should Dybala assume he will become an instant starter? That's not how it works, he has to earn it.
...and again I will counter by saying that he is the biggest signing we have made in a decade, moneywise. It matters.

Originally Posted by Nero View Post
I'm using the label of trequartista loosely to encompass playmaker/attacking midfielder, the semantics are not really what interest me. Ideally, the kind of player i'd like is someone similar in style and substance to Hazard.
Fair enough. For me "trequartista" has particular meaning, not least for a team with the versions we've had.

Back to my objection.... with us paying what we did for Dybala, and what we will pay for Berardi (if nothing else to maintain control of him, never mind if he is on the roster), as well as some kind of expense for Khedira or another midfielder to replace Pirlo as regards capable starter material, never mind likely also making one purchase for the defense - perhaps a wing back - is it likely that we can find the money to also get someone good enough that it is preferable keeping a player like Dybala (and/or Berardi) on the bench?

Because that is the tradeoff here. I assume you will be quick to agree that a Tevez/Morata/Dybala trident is preferable to playing Pereyra as an AM/playmaker. Or Vidal in that position for instance (will be an option from time to time anyway). Unless the player coming in is really good (not Shaqiri), I think it would be better to play three strikers, at least until the Tevez leaving scenario is upon us.

Originally Posted by Nero View Post
The traditional playmaker is i agree dead, what we need is an AM who is quick, good on the ball and has the ability to make the killer last pass.

And that is something we lack greatly.
Well, domestic double and CL final notwithstanding.... in principle I would like such a player too.

But even Barca have to make do to keep their star players happy. If Messi or Neymar are not there, you get Pedro, OK (and he likely wants to leave to get first team football). After that.... nothing. There is not even an out and out striker there should Suarez be unavailable... then they put Messi up front. Ultimately, you have to accept very much declining returns on the forwards if you want to maintain a long line of them and only wants to play two in the startling lineup. Juventus habitually have five, and it is always the death of one or two of them career wise. Except when Lippi played DP, Vialli and Ravanelli of course, with Amoruso a talented youngster and Padovano who didn't complain.

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