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Yo'll know what his dad did…

Originally Posted by Father Clichy with a grin
Like many young children, my Gaël was only interested in using his best foot his right foot.

But I kept at him to work on his left... {smiles at the memory}

I remember arbitrating a quarterfinal game that my Gaël was involved in, and I thought here's a chance to teach him a good lesson.

I told him that if he scored with his right foot, I would find a way to disown the score.

So of course his right foot scored.

And I do not authorize it, even though we were losing the game!

Nobody understood what was happening.

But I can tell you that he started using his left foot after that!
And {then} it happened.

The point was reached where he finally left his right foot; now, when we talk {of this}, he says, «merci Papa» and that's something that makes me happy.

...now Clichy's done-gone playing right-sided defense as a wing-back for the City in ManChester predominately passing with his left foot and all?!?

What's up with that?


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