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Originally Posted by WFA View Post
yea, that was an atrocious mourinho moment when felipao did that. un-be-lieve-a-ble

Ze you forgot Oscar, and I understand why.
Oscar was the biggest sissy on our team. He created zzzzzzzzzero. Gave small short passes backwards AND dived everytime we started losing. I was cussing him out in the holland game, then he started to dribble a bunch of players and get the team going.

One reality check that we have is that we have no Striker. Or, I should say- centroavante because quite honestly alllll the strikers we ever had could dribble, pass and shoot.

It wasnt until barca came a long with a "false 9" that people thought 9s couldnt do anything but take the last touch on a gol ala Ruud.

R9 was the striker, but never the target man. He got the ball and ran with it. Can Neymar do the same? Can anyone? Scolari put Willian as a striker against Holland

Another thought is that this team wasnt exactly the same as the confederations cup team that shined so brightly. Couple differences: Ramires, Willian and no Lucas Moura.
Ramires completely changes how we play- forces our counter-attack. Willian isnt a finished product yet. Oscar was much more involved last year. And Moura was a great "denilson"-esque sub. Put your head down and dribble all the way to the corner flag to keep possession and waste time. Plus he's growing well in PSG

2. WE need to start complaining so much on the field. We are playing with way to much anger and not enough alegria. wheres the alegria lads? All I saw was David Luiz throwing elbows pointing the finger like hulk hogan or something, right in players faces. Marcelo complains about everything in life all the time, and felipao spends all his time shouting.

i din't

i put him on the bench.

i always said he was a ciscador, and he prooved me that i was correct all along. the proper ciscador
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