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The team didnt play the same like last year, but it was not because of ramires-william on lucas - who was irrelevant last year. Or because of the counter attacks- since Scolari kept the first half pressure- second half counter attack approach of the confederation cup.

The wasnt the same because of other problems with the same players. Compare last year:Luis Gustavo part of Bayern tremble, Marcelo was a starter of Real, Paulinho well for Corinthians, Hulk only 1 year in russia, Fred coming from top scoring in Libertadores, Neymar without injuries and actually not wasted as a left winger in Barcelona, Oscar no coming from an injury... They had better momments.

Also, Confederation cup demanded a lot from Middlefield players, Oscar was defending like crazy (he still, top ball recover for us), Hulk was basically a huge zinho, even fred did some help. In the cup, they were not just unable to perform like this as Hulk for example, had some "Neura" and started to try to solve things by himself, but his finishing insecurity only grew bigger and bigger. This got even bigger every game. He started to hold even more the ball, to not pass and to leave his defensive part behind. Oscar got even more loaded. With this, we had no option "wing game", Neymar was the only one. That is the difference from the Confederation cup, the loss of efficiency and collective work up front and in the middle, making the full backs to be more expose and less able to attack to produce chances...

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